EMPIR Call 2019: Finalisation of evaluation process

Following the Review Conference held in November, where external independent referees evaluated and ranked the proposals, the EMPIR Committee agreed on a final list of selected projects to fund. The following project proposals have been selected and will be invited for contract negotiation:


  • Metrology for emerging PV applications
  • Metrology for future energy transmission
  • Metrology for hydrogen advanced storage solutions
  • Metrology for hydrogen vehicles 2
  • High throughput metrology for nanowire energy harvesting devices
  • Metrology of magnetic losses in electrical steel sheets for high-efficiency energy conversion
  • Metrology for enhanced reliability and efficiency of wind energy systems
  • Traceable mechanical and electrical power measurement for efficiency determination of wind turbines
  • New metrological methods for biofuel materials analysis


  • Implementation of radon metrology for the analysis for the atmospheric budget of greenhouse gases and radiation protection in the environment
  • Remote and real-time optical detection of alpha-emitting radionuclides in the environment
  • Metrology for low-frequency sound and vibration
  • Metrology for aerosol optical properties
  • Stable isotope metrology to enable climate action and regulation
  • Metrology for climate relevant volatile organic compounds
  • Metrology to establish an SI traceable climate observing system
  • Advanced aerosol metrology for atmospheric science and air quality
  • Improved vehicle exhaust quantification by portable emission measurement systems metrology


  • Traceable dosimetry for small fields in MR-guided radiotherapy
  • Revision and extension of standards for test methods for LED lamps, luminaires and modules
  • Protocols for SI-traceable measurement results of elemental and oxidised mercury concentrations
  • Standardisation of structural and chemical properties of graphene
  • Measurement methods and test procedures for assessing accuracy of instrument transformers for power quality measurements
  • Metrology for testing the implementation security of quantum key distribution hardware
  • Support for standardisation of high voltage testing with composite and combined wave shapes

Research Potential

  • Quantum traceability for AC power standards
  • Improvement of the realisation of the mass scale

Support for Networks 

  • Support for a European Metrology Network on advanced manufacturing
  • Support for a European Metrology Network on quantum technologies
  • Support for a European Metrology Network on reliable radiation protection regulation
  • Support for a European Metrology Network on the medical use of ionising radiation

Support for Impact

The previous EMPIR/EMRP JRP that each SIP is linked to is shown in brackets

  • Protocols for clinical impact in molecular radiotherapy (15HLT06)
  • Knowledge transfer of planar calibration and measurement techniques at millimetre-wave frequencies (14IND02)
  • Climate Reference Station (ENV58)
  • Software for evaluating PET cardiac perfusion imaging uncertainties for more accurate diagnosis (15HLT05)
  • Technology Transfer of Photonic Waveguide Characterisation (14IND13)
  • Comparability of air temperature measurements under extreme field conditions: Meteorological and Climate implications (ENV58)


EURAMET would like to thank the following referees who evaluated proposals in 2019:

Mika  AaltoSerpil EdebaliIvan LloroMauro Pravettoni
Mihaela AlbuClaudio FerrariMaria LosurdoVictoria Ramos
Francisco Javier  Arcega SolsonaLuigi FerrignoJoost LottersDavid Robson
Daniela AxinteHarry FriedmannFabio MadonnaAldo Rona
Bojan BabicAntonios GasteratosRobert MaierGerry Ronan
Tomasz BakonFilippo GiannazzoEtienne MaricqGianluca Rossi
Dimitrios BechrakisBernard GindrozAndrea MariscottiCharles Sammut
Jens BenderAnaïs GonzalezNelson MartinsLuca Sanfilippo
Ewald EwaldRaquel GonzalezJulien MartyTatjana Sibalija
David BenhamouJan GoreckiPietro MassignanIrena Sielamowicz
Carlo BettaniniFrans HarrenTheodoros MertzimekisLars Sjunnesson
Shmuel BlitPeter HauptmannMircea ModreanuVladimir Slugen
Maria BulgheroniManus HenryViviana MulloniOlga Stajdohar-Paden
Jasmina Casals-TerreDemetrio Hermida CastroJesper MygindHerbert Thanner
John CollinsNineta HrasteljZilvinas NakutisMarko Topic
Laurent CouturierPekka KatilaEurico NevesArto Toppinen
Fabrizio CuccoliHuseyin KizilManfred NiehusMarija Trkmic 
Marija Cundeva-BlajerJaroslaw KoperskiHannes NowakMichel Vermeulen
Robin CurryAphrodite KtenaFrancesco PellicanoMichel Vieillefosse
Grigore DanciuTunc LacinLorenzo PerettoRudi Voncina
Robert DanneckerLuca LamagnaGiuseppe Persano AdornoClaudia Wiemer
Raffaella Di SanteMartin LawrenceSanja PetronicMarcel Wirtz
Carles DomingoJean-Paul LefevreEcaterina Camelia PocrisChristian Wittenburg
Armando DuarteDariusz LitwinAndras PoppePeter Zoon

The 98 referees consisted of 77 men (78.6 %), 21 women (21.4 %) and represented 26 different nationalities.

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