EMN Energy Gases welcomes Justervesenet as its 17th member

JV facility in Kjeller, Norway (Courtesy of JV)

The European Metrology Network for Energy Gases welcomes its newest member, Justervesenet, the Norwegian Metrology Institute

Justervesenet (JV) is the National Metrology Institute (NMI) of Norway and a EURAMET member. The institute also fulfils several other roles; as a national laboratory, notified body for measurement instruments, and as the national legal metrology organisation in Norway.


Primarily, JV disseminates metrological traceability to industry and other parties through calibrations and reference materials for several quantities – some of which are of interest to energy gases such as flow, temperature, mass and humidity.

As metrology for society begins to evolve into new technical areas, JV has developed its role and activities. Responding to a growing need for new metrological references, methods for metrological traceability and metrological validation of measurement equipment, JV plays an important role in providing measurement support to industry and trade members. The institute offers an underpinning framework of technological solutions for calibrations and verifications - with an increasing focus on energy sources and carriers.

JV is involved in several research and development projects to aid the development of metrology for energy gases, both nationally and internationally. The Norwegian institute participates in several projects within the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research - such as ‘Metrological support for LNG and LBG as transport fuel’ (LNG III, 16ENG09), ‘Metrology for hydrogen vehicles’ (MetroHyVe, 16ENG01) and ‘Metrology for hydrogen vehicles 2’ (MetroHyVe 2, 19ENG04). It also supports the metrological framework for the custody transfer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and works to establish metrological traceability and verification of in-field flow measurement methods for both LNG and hydrogen.

JV is one of the European institutes in possession of a primary standard for flow measurement of hydrogen gas for fuel purposes, and it is involved in several national processes to develop the future hydrogen society. As such, it is a member of national standardisation committees and the Norwegian Hydrogen Association.

As a key player in the metrology infrastructure of Norway, JV will continue to contribute significantly to measurement activities that will support the European Green Deal.

In June 2020, JV was confirmed as a new member of the Energy Gases network.

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