Electronic display technology company first industrial user of EMPIR-developed facility

An infra-red image of a 1 x 1 mm test chip with a working diode at its centre

New facility established as part of EMPIR project (14IND07 3D Stack) used to identify hot spots in electronic devices

A lock-in thermography facility developed as part of EMPIR project Metrology for manufacturing 3D stacked integrated circuits (14IND07 3D Stack) to identify hot spots in electronic devices has already been used by an external company to identify hot-spot pre-production devices.

The lock-in thermography facility was established at NPL (UK) to accurately measure the temperature change in electronic devices with microkelvin resolution. The localised build-up of heat in electronic devices can lead to poor performance and shortened lifespan, making such characterisation of crucial importance to device manufacturers.

3D Stack is developing traceable measurement capabilities to support the use of 3D integration technology in the semiconductor industry, in addition to new methods to accurately characterise thermal and electrical properties at the nanoscale. This will allow Europe to play a more important role in the supply chain for future information systems built using highly dense electronics.

More information can be found here.

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