Chemical and Optical Characterisation of Nanomaterials in Biological Systems – NanoChOp website launched

The website for JRP NEW03 NanoChOp has been launched


JRP NEW03 NanoChOp, full title ‘Chemical and Optical Characterisation of Nanomaterials in Biological Systems’ aims to develop multi-mode approaches to characterise nanomaterials for their physical, chemical and optical properties in biological matrices.


The website describes how the project aims to develop the measurement tools to enable the detection and characterisation of nano-objects in complex biological samples (e.g. cell systems). Such methods will be invaluable for production of reference nanomaterials, which can then be incorporated into toxicology studies and human risk assessment in support of upcoming regulation. These steps will be an important factor towards public acceptance of nanomaterial safety.


To visit the JRP website and be kept up to date with project’s developments as well as to get in contact with the JRP-Consortium please go to

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