Call to advance measurement science and technology in the field of Energy

EURAMET e.V. announces the launch of the following calls within the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP),
jointly funded by the European Commission and the participating countries:


A. Joint Research Projects and integrated Researcher Excellence Grants to advance measurement science and technology
    in the field of energy:


  • Stage 1: Call for proposals for potential metrology research topics (open from 15  May to 28 June 2009 - closed), followed by:
  • Stage 2: Call for proposals for Joint Research Projects (JRPs) which may include proposals for associated Researcher
    Excellence Grants (open from 2 September to 2 November 2009 - now open)

B. Stage 3: Call for proposals for (following the publication of the list of selected JRPs on the website, indicative date is
    early 2010):


  • Researcher Excellence Grants for JRPs not awarded such a grant at Stage 2
  • Researcher Mobility Grants

C. Early-Stage Researcher Mobility Grants (call opens following the publication of the list of selected JRPs on the website,
    indicative date is early 2010)

Whilst the EMRP is executed primarily by the national metrology institutes and designated institutes of the participating
countries, all interested parties are invited to submit potential topics in Stage 1. Opportunities for wider participation also
exist at later stages.

Submission of proposals does not bind the submitter nor EURAMET e.V. to further negotiations. Stage 1 topic descriptions
may be amended, split, or merged by EURAMET e.V. Finalised priority topics will be published anonymously at Stage 2,
accompanied by a EURAMET e.V. owned supporting document, based on the original topic description(s).

EURAMET e.V. reserves the right to cancel all or part of the Call. The Programme is dependent on completion of the
legislative and contractual processes between the European Commission and EURAMET e.V.

Details of the call scope, eligibility, funding, application forms etc will be available at the dedicated website  from the relevant call stages launch dates. For further background information about the EMRP visit the EURAMET EMRP pages.

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