Call for EMRP Researcher Grants

EURAMET e.V., on behalf of the JRP-Consortia, announces the launch of Stage 3 of the EMRP Call 2009-Energy, for the following EMRP Researcher Grants opening on 01 April 2010:

  • Researcher Excellence Grants (REG)

aim to enlarge the number of organisations with capacities closely relating to metrology” within the EU Member States and FP7 associated countries.


  • Researcher Mobility Grants (RMG)

aim to develop the capacity of individuals in Metrology.


Details are available here


Additionally, EURAMET reminds potential participants of the permanently Open Call that is now accepting applications for:

  • Early-Stage Researcher Mobility Grants (ESRMG)

aim to ensure sustainability of cooperation between the NMI and DI of the EMRP, and to prepare the next generation of experienced metrology researchers.


Details are available here


All EMRP Researcher Grants are jointly supported by EURAMET and the European Union, and are subject to eligibility criteria. Applications must be received by Deadline 23:59 CET, Friday 07 May 2010.


For more information, please contact the EMRP Helpline: or +44 (0)20 8943 6666




Energy Call - Finalisation of Evaluation Process


The evaluation process of the Stage 2 Call for Joint Researcher Project (JRP) Proposals and Researcher Excellence Grant (REG) Proposals has been finalised. Following the Review Conference held in November, where external independent Referees have evaluated and ranked the proposals, the EMRP Committee has agreed on a final list of selected JRPS and associated REGs to fund. The EURAMET Research Council has endorsed the Call process and the final list.


The following project proposals have been selected and will be invited for contract negotiation in 2010:

  • Characterisation of Energy Gases
  • Metrology for Energy Harvesting
  • Metrology for Liquefied Natural Gas
  • Smart Electrical Grids
  • Metrology for Solid State Lighting
  • Metrology for Improved Power Plants
  • Metrology for High-Voltage Direct Current
  • Metrology for New Generation of Nuclear Power Plants
  • Metrology for Biofuels

Additional information related to the JRPs and Researcher Grants will be published when contract negotiations have been concluded.

Following the contract negotiations, Stage 3 of the Call for Researcher Excellence and Researcher Mobility Grants, and the permanently open call for Early-Stage Researcher Mobility Grants to join the JRPs will be launched. Participation is subject to eligibility criteria and a selection process.

More information on the submission of Researcher Grants at Stage 3 and the permanent Call will be available before the end of March 2010.


EURAMET would like to thank the following Referees who evaluated the proposals:

    Mihaela ALBU
    Daniela AXINTE
    Ewald BENES
    Humberto BRANDI
    Giovanni BUCCI
    Eva DEÁK
    Nelson Amadeu DIAS MARTINS
    Hans-Peter EBERT
    Serguei FILATOV
    Bertrand GARNIER
    Ludovit KUBICAR
    Adrian MAHLKOW
    Walter McKINLAY
    Emilia MIHAYLOVA
    Jesper MYGIND
    Emeritus Amos NOTEA
    Stefan NOWAK
    David PEARSON
    Danas RIDIKAS
    Massimo SANTARELLI
    João SOUSA
    Heikki SUNDQUIST
    Masaki TAKAMOTO


The 28 Referees consisted of 23 men (82 %)and 5 women (18 %), of which 39% were Professors, and a further 39% held doctorate degrees. It should be noted that 36% of the Referees came from Commercial organisations and 36% from Higher Education Establishments.

The 28 Referees represented 21 different countries, mainly from Europe, but including 3 non European countries (Brazil, Israel, Japan) - the maximum number of Referees from a single country was 3.



Stage 2  – Call for JRP Proposals and REG Proposals now closed

Stage 2 – Call for proposals for Joint Research Projects (JRPs) and associated Researcher Excellence Grants (REGs) now closed

Following the closure of Stage 2, each proposal received will be checked for eligibility and evaluated by independent Referees at the Review Conference. After some post processing and financial checks are made, and the EMRP Committee will agree the final list of JRPs (and REGs) to fund, this list will be announced.

Further to Stage 2, there will be a Stage 3 of the Call for Researcher Excellence and Researcher Mobility Grants, and a permanent open call for Early-Stage Researcher Mobility Grants (available to the wider community). These calls will be open following the completion of Stage 2, indicative date is early 2010.

Further information is available at the call website.


Stage 2 – Call  for proposals for Joint Research Projects (JRPs) and associated Researcher Excellence Grants (REGs)

Stage 2 of the EMRP Call 2009 is now open and EURAMET invites research teams from EMRP A169 participating States to build consortia and submit JRP proposals meeting the specifications given in the SRT supporting documents. Consortia may include proposals for Researcher Excellence Grants (REG) provided that it adds necessary scientific value to the JRP.

JRP proposals can be submitted on the following topics:

  • SRT01:  Metrology for Biofuels
  • SRT02:  Metrology for Thermal Efficiency of Buildings
  • SRT03:  Metrology for Energy Harvesting
  • SRT04:  Metrology for Energy Saving in Electronic Devices and Electrical Machines
  • SRT05:  Metrology For Improved Power Plant Efficiency
  • SRT06:  Metrology for Fuel Cells
  • SRT07:  Characterisation of Energy Gases
  • SRT08:  Metrology for Smart Gas Distribution Grids
  • SRT09:  Metrology for Solid State Lighting
  • SRT10:  Metrology for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • SRT11:  Metrology for New Generation Nuclear Power Plants
  • SRT12:  Metrology for Fusion
  • SRT13:  Metrology for Solar Cells and Solar Thermal Conversion
  • SRT14:  Metrology for Smart Electrical Grids
  • SRT15:  Metrology for High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC)
  • SRT16:  Metrology for Wind Energy Conversion


Details of the relevant documents, including supporting documents, guidelines and proposal/application form templates are available at the call website.



Formal announcement of the EMRP Call 2009 – Energy:

EURAMET e.V. announces the launch of the following calls within the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP),
jointly funded by the European Commission and the participating countries:


A. Joint Research Projects and integrated Researcher Excellence Grants to advance measurement science and technology
    in the field of energy:


  • Stage 1: Call for proposals for potential metrology research topics (open from 15  May to 28 June 2009 - closed), followed by:
    Visit the EMRP dedicated website for more details
  • Stage 2: Call for proposals for Joint Research Projects (JRPs) which may include proposals for associated Researcher
    Excellence Grants (open from 2 September to 2 November 2009)

B. Stage 3: Call for proposals for (following the publication of the list of selected JRPs on the website, indicative date is
    early 2010):


  • Researcher Excellence Grants for JRPs not awarded such a grant at Stage 2
  • Researcher Mobility Grants

C. Early-Stage Researcher Mobility Grants (call opens following the publication of the list of selected JRPs on the website,
    indicative date is early 2010)

Whilst the EMRP is executed primarily by the national metrology institutes and designated institutes of the participating
countries, all interested parties are invited to submit potential topics in Stage 1. Opportunities for wider participation also
exist at later stages.

Submission of proposals does not bind the submitter nor EURAMET e.V. to further negotiations. Stage 1 topic descriptions
may be amended, split, or merged by EURAMET e.V. Finalised priority topics will be published anonymously at Stage 2,
accompanied by a EURAMET e.V. owned supporting document, based on the original topic description(s).

EURAMET e.V. reserves the right to cancel all or part of the Call. The Programme is dependent on completion of the
legislative and contractual processes between the European Commission and EURAMET e.V.

Details of the call scope, eligibility, funding, application forms etc will be available at the dedicated website  from the relevant call stages launch dates.

For further background information about the EMRP visit the EURAMET EMRP pages.

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