A big "Thank You!" from EURAMET to past-chair Hans Arne Frøystein

Hans Arne Frøystein, JV, Norway

Hans Arne Frøystein’s three-year term as EURAMET Chairperson ended at the association’s 2021 General Assembly, where he handed over the important position to his successor Jörn Stenger from PTB Germany.


“On behalf of EURAMET, I would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Hans Arne for all his commitment and achievements during his term. The past three years held many developments and required many decisions and Hans Arne did a great job in leading the association through this important period,” commented Jörn Stenger, EURAMET Chairperson.

Hans Arne (JV, Norway) was elected as EURAMET’s Chairperson at the 2017 General Assembly, having been part of the EURAMET community for almost 30 years.

During his term, starting in 2018, he has been committed to supporting all members in their endeavours to build and maintain their capacities and strengthening the coordination of European metrology infrastructure.

Amongst the many topics he worked at whilst chair, Hans Arne contributed to the development of the European Metrology Networks (EMNs), which evaluate and address the metrology needs in Europe and around the world.

He also steered the development of EURAMET’s new 2030 Strategy, which aims to continue the engagement of stakeholders, extend cooperation in research and development, and support quality infrastructure.

He also had a significant role in the preparations for the European Partnership on Metrology under the European Union’s Horizon Europe. Hans Arne said, “This took a lot of effort and focus for us as a team.”

“In working on EURAMET’s Strategy and the European Partnership on Metrology it has been important for me that these should give opportunities for all our members, in addition to the other high-level objectives,” explained Hans Arne.  

As Chairperson, he fostered a positive, open and collaborative atmosphere - where humour was certainly encouraged! Hans Arne always prioritised the most important matters, whilst trying to reduce the bureaucracy that can slow things down.


Hans Arne was also EURAMET Chairperson during the historic redefinition of several units of the International System of Units (the SI) in November 2018. EURAMET’s members and associates contributed significantly to the SI redefinition, especially through collaborative research projects within the European Metrology Research Programmes, EMRP and EMPIR, so that all units were defined in terms of natural constants - ensuring the future stability of the SI and opening up opportunities for the use of new technologies.


“I really enjoyed working with all the great people in our association; managers and staff of our members, the Secretariat, the governing bodies, the Research Council, and appreciated the cooperation with people in the European Commission. The support from the Secretariat was also invaluable during my time, whether we were cooperating with colleagues from other parts of the world, or having meetings and discussions with European Parliamentarians - a new and unknown territory for someone from the non-EU-member country Norway!”

Hans Arne will now act as Past Chairperson until mid-2022 and he is also the convenor of EURAMET’s General Assembly working group on European Metrology Networks, where he is continuing his excellent work on building Europe’s metrology infrastructure.

EURAMET wishes him all the best with his continued contribution to the community.

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