29 Nov 2011: The EMRP from iMERA-Plus to Article 185

EURAMET Evening Event

Brussels, 29 November 2011


Sometimes hidden from the public view, metrology is a building block of our industrialised society and affects almost every aspect of life. Precision in industrial production, the reliability of medical diagnosis, environmental monitoring and many more applications rely on correct and comparable measurements, all requiring a sound, underpinning metrology.


The importance of metrology has been recently recognised in Europe: Joint European metrology research was among the first initiatives both under ERANET Plus and Article 185 of the present EU Framework Programme. The metrology programmes, called iMERA-Plus and EMRP, implemented by EURAMET e.V., can already be considered to be amongst the most integrated collaborations in the European Research Area.


All research projects of iMERA-Plus are ending 2011; the bigger EMRP is almost at mid-term of its seven year execution. The first projects of the Article 185 EMRP addressing challenges in the field of metrology for energy are nearing halfway and joint research projects addressing metrology in environmental challenges and industrial needs started this year.


This is an excellent opportunity to review the achievements so far and to explore options and opportunities for the future of European  metrology research. Building on the success of our current EMRP programme operating under Article 185, EURAMET, as Europe's leading national metrology association, is open to explore with you the opportunities in Horizon 2020 framework programme for research and innovation in the field of metrology.

A range of topics will be covered at this focused evening event: joint metrology research should be embedded in EURAMET's overall strategy and mission; a review of the scientific impact of iMERA-Plus; the status of the EMRP and considerations for future initiatives.


EURAMET is pleased to expect outstanding key note speakers representing the Commission, and EURAMET's Research Council.


For more information please contact the EURAMET Secretariat:


Event Programme

18:30Registration & welcome drinks
19:00Welcome address: EURAMET's mission and strategy 

Leslie Pendrill, EURAMET Chairperson

19:10iMERA-Plus: scientific results

Jörn Stenger, EMRP Chair

19:45EU research funding strategy: Results of the EMRP mid-term evaluation

Robert-Jan Smits, Director General, European Commission

20:00View of EURAMET's Research Council

Christophe Salomon, Directeur de Recherche au CNRS



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