2012-06-18 EMRP Call 2012 - Stage 2 now closed





EMRP Call 2012 - Stage 2 NOW CLOSED

Call for proposals for Joint Research Projects (JRPs) and associated Researcher Excellence Grants (REGs)


Stage 2 of the EMRP Call 2012 is now open and EURAMET invites research teams from EMRP A169 participating States to build consortia and submit JRP proposals meeting the specifications given in the Selected Research Topic (SRT) supporting documents. Consortia may include proposals for Researcher Excellence Grants (REG) provided that it adds necessary scientific value to the JRP.


The deadline for submitting JRP proposals, with optional integrated REG application, is 1st October 2012.


The lists of SRTs can be found at:




Details of the relevant documents, including supporting documents, guidelines and proposal/application form templates are available at the call website.

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