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EURAMET coordinates two research programmes, both jointly funded by member states and the EU, bringing together world-class measurement expertise in a series of targeted projects. The collaborative research projects range from measurement for health, environment and energy to fundamental science.

 To select projects for future funding, EURAMET relies on the expertise and judgement of independent contributors.

To assist EURAMET in the project selection process, Referees need to work in an independent, impartial and ethical manner, whilst maintaining strict confidentiality. Using their professional experience and knowledge, Referees must evaluate proposals on their own merit, with all work to be conducted in English.

As well as assessing proposals against the specific criteria of Excellence, Impact and Quality and Efficiency of Implementation, some travel may be required: Referees must be able to attend review conferences and/or consensus group meetings held in Europe.

An honorarium can be claimed up to a specified limit, ex gratia, upon satisfactory completion of the full evaluation process, plus travel and accommodation expenses (more information can be found in the Referee payment information Form 6b).

Documentation on the proposal evaluation process and further information for all Referee candidates can be found at

If you are a science or engineering professional, help us select new joint research projects and apply to become a Referee for EURAMET on

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