The evaluation process of the Stage 2 Call for 2017 has been finalised.  

Following the Review Conference held in November, where external independent referees evaluated and ranked the proposals, the EMPIR Committee agreed on a final list of selected projects to fund. The following project proposals have been selected and will be invited for contract negotiation: 


Procedures allowing medical-implant manufacturers to demonstrate compliance with MRI safety regulations
Communication and validation of smart data in IoT-networks
Large Volume Metrology Applications
Enhancing process efficiency through improved temperature measurement 2
Multifunctional ultrafast microprobes for on-the-machine measurements
Metrology for the next-generation digital substation instrumentation
Development of measurement and calibration techniques for dynamic pressures and temperatures
Advanced Computed Tomography for dimensional and surface measurements in industry
Metrology for Airborne Molecular Contaminants II
Quality assessment of electric vehicle Li-ion batteries for second use applications
Industrial process optimisation through improved metrology of thermophysical properties
Metrology for the Factory of the Future
Metrology for real-world domestic water metering
Precision Time for Industry


Light-matter interplay for optical metrology beyond the classical spatial resolution limits
Measurement of fundamental nuclear decay data using metallic magnetic calorimeters
Ultra-stable optical oscillators from quantum coherent and entangled systems
Single-electron quantum optics for quantum-enhanced measurements
Photonic and Optomechanical Sensors for Nanoscaled and Quantum Thermometry
Single-photon sources as new quantum standards
Coulomb Crystals for Clocks
Metrology for topological spin structures
Realisation of a Unified pH Scale
Josephson traveling wave parametric amplifier and its application for metrology 


Loss Measurements on Power Transformers and Reactors 
Electromagnetic Interference on Static Electricity Meters
Standards for the evaluation of the uncertainty of coordinate measurements in industry
Improved traceability chain of nanoparticle size measurements
Advancing measurement uncertainty - comprehensive examples for key international standards

Research Potential 

Research capabilities for radiation protection dosimeters
Establishing traceability for liquid density measurements
A digital traceability chain for ac voltage and current
Versatile electrical impedance calibration laboratory based on digital impedance bridges 

Support for Impact

The previous EMRP JRP that each SIP is linked to is shown in brackets.

Technology transfer of Optical Common-Mode Rejection Ratio to end user (IND51)
Simple Expression of Uncertainty for Meteorological Observations (ENV58)
An ISO Technical Report on the use of Electron Spectroscopy for Measurement of Core-Shell Nanoparticle Shell Thicknesses (HLT04)
Technology transfer of RF nonlinear verification device to end-user (SIB62)
Software to maximize end user uptake of conformity assessment with measurement uncertainty (NEW04)
A traceable, Faster more Accurate and Measurement Software for Vector Network Analysers (SIB62)
Advancing laboratory based X-ray metrology techniques (NEW01)

EURAMET would like to thank the following referees who evaluated proposals in 2017:


Mika AaltoSerpil EdebaliJean-Paul LefevreGerry Ronan
Mihaela AlbuClaudio FerrariMartin LiessGianluca Rossi
Constantin ApetreiBernard GindrozDariusz LitwinCharles Sammut
Daniela AxinteAnaïs GonzalezIvan LloroAntonio Sarolic
Umberto BattistaJan GoreckiMaria LosurdoTatjana Sibalija
Dimitrios BechrakisFrans HarrenRobert MaierIrena Sielamowicz
Jens BenderPeter HauptmannNelson MartinsÁlvaro Silva Ribeiro
Ewald BenesHelge Holm-LarsenPietro MassignanLars Sjunnesson
Carlo BettaniniPiotr JasinskiTheodoros MertzimekisHerbert Thanner
Mehmet CaglarArturas JuknaMircea ModreanuArto Toppinen
Jasmina Casals-TerréPekka KatilaJesper MygindFabrice Vallee
Sorin Nicolae CociorvaHuseyin KizilKamen NedevMichel Vermeulen
Cecilia CodreanuMartina KnoopManfred NiehusMichel Vieillefosse
Laurent CouturierFriedrich KoenigFrancesco PellicanoClaudia Wiemer
Marija Cundeva-BlajerGeorgios KolostoumpisGiuseppe Persano AdornoMax Wiki
Robin CurryJaroslaw KoperskiMauro PravettoniColin Wilmott
Raffaella Di SanteAphrodite KtenaTadeja Primožič MerkačChristian Wittenburg
Olaf DoesselMartin LawrencePeter RolfeMehmet Zeyrek


The 72 referees consisted of 57 men (79.2 %), 15 women (20.8 %) and represented 25 different nationalities.

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