Dagmar Auerbach is EURAMET's new Programme Manager

Dagmar Auerbach joined EURAMET in October 2017 as the new manager for its European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research. Dagmar's tasks include the management of calls for proposals, the selection process of proposals, contracting and monitoring of the funded proposals and the final presentation of the impacts of the programme.

In her previous role as Research and Innovation Manager at Eurice GmbH, Dagmar was the project manager of EU projects as well as national large-scale projects. She is experienced in the management and innovation related activities of several parallel EU funded projects, including the supervision of requirements and objectives set out in contracts, rules and instructions.In addition, Dagmar was responsible for writing project proposals for EU and national programmes and giving guidance for scientific consortia.

Dagmar studied lab and process engineering at the Universityof Cooperative Education in Riesa and Göttingen, Germany.Her PhD in biophysical chemistry on 'Photophysical characterisation of fluorescence markers and fluorescence proteins', and her Master of Business Administration specialising in Managing within Europe (both Saarland University) have laid the perfect foundation for her position at EURAMET.

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