Develop and grow your Institute using EURAMET's Capacity Building Programme

New flyer promotes training courses, researcher grants and research potential projects

EURAMET assists all members, especially newand emerging ones, in the development of their national metrology infrastructure and their integration in a coherent, efficient and sustainable European metrology landscape.

One way to support its members is EURAMET's capacity building and knowledgetransfer programme including Human and Institutional Capacity Building, Researcher Mobility Grants and EMPIR Research Potential Projects.

Human and Institutional Capacity Building includes training courses on technical, administrative and research programme related topics. The Researcher Mobility Grants support researchers at any stage of their career to undertake research abroad.

EMPIR Research Potential Projects aim to support the participating organisations to develop basic levels of metrological research expertise. As direct results of capacity building activities, four associate members became full EURAMET members, several NMIs have had their first CMCs published in the BIPM key comparison database and almost all emerging NMIs started participating in joint research projects.

All measures and further information are briefly described in the brand-new flyer on EURAMET's Capacity Building programme available for download: EURAMET Capacity Building flyer.

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