New members of EURAMET’s Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) is responsible for the governance and the development of the strategy of EURAMET. It is composed of three Chairpersons and six elected members. Congratulations go to two new members of the BoD, elected by the General Assembly. Find out who they are and which topics they will focus on to serve our community.

Robert Edelmaier - Austria
After his study of physics at the University of Vienna, Robert joined BEV, the Austrian National Metrology Institute, in 1990. In his various roles he has been responsible for the laboratory of radioactivity, the division "Mechanics and Flow" and the Physico-Technical Testing Service. His tasks included the coordination of the maintenance of the national primary standards, the application and acquisition of standard measuring devices and procedures and the collaboration in technical-legal matters concerning metrological questions.

Today Robert is the Head of Metrology Service and Vice-President of BEV. Robert is EURAMET Delegate, Deputy in the EMPIR Committee and Chair of EURAMET's Technical Committee of Interdisciplinary Metrology (TC-IM).

"In the next years EURAMET has to take further steps for its future development. This includes EURAMET's role in the process of reviewing the CIPM MRA and an active role in the JCRB. In addition, it is very important to develop a possible successor programme of EMPIR. Therefore, my active role in the BoD would be to continue the work already done together with TC-IM for example regarding the implementation of the recommendations of the CIPM MRA. I will especially focus on the role of smaller NMIs including the specific tasks of emerging metrology systems. BEV has been very active supporting those systems and NMIs in the last years. This experience enables me to work for a well-balanced European metrology system considering the special needs of smaller and emerging metrology institutes."

Hugo Vos - The Netherlands
After his study of applied physics at theTechnical University of Delft, Hugo startedhis career in the development of acousticimaging. In 1988 he joined TNO, the Dutch organisation for applied research, where he became Director of Research in 2011. Through various positions, Hugo has been involved in the developmentof instrumentation for a wide variety of applications such as seismic exploration, non-destructive testing and material characterisation. In addition to a numberof feasibility studies and consultancy assignments, this has led to some innovative product developments. Later his interest gradually shifted to the management aspects of innovation. In the past 20 years Hugo gained experience in R&D management, including the development of consortia with governments and companies, the spin off and privatisationof business activities and the management of teams.

In 2016 Hugo joined VSL, the Dutch NationalMetrology Institute, as managing director with the ambition to use his experience to further develop the excellent position of VSL to the benefit of the Dutch government andindustry.

"In my role as BoD member it is my strong vision that we have to combine excellent science in our research programmes with demonstrable societal and business impact, to ensure that EURAMET remains essential to the EU. This requires strategic alignment with scientific communities, government and industry. In this way, EURAMET can successfully contribute to a long-term cooperation on knowledge developmentand knowledge sharing in Europe and gradually develop a fit for purpose level of coordination of activities."

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