Surveying good practice guides adopted by industry

GNSS antennas for the determination of the distances between reference pillars of the geodetic baseline at the University of the German Armed Forces in Neubiberg, Germany. – Courtesy of PTB

EMRP project’s good practice guides adopted by German surveyor association, DVW, for pre-standard series "DVW Merkblatt"

Many measurements in geoscience and engineering require accurate surveying over large distances. Surveillance networks assess the risk of possible landslides, sinkholes or other tectonic activity, and so help ensure the safety of local communities and industrial facilities. As a result of the EMRP project Metrology for long distance surveying (SIB60 Surveying) state-of-the-art surveying practices now have greater accuracy. This project has developed more accurate calibrations for distance meters based on electro-optic (EDM) and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

Two new good practice guides "Good practice guide for high accuracy global navigation satellite system based distance metrology" and "Good practice guide for the calibration of electro-optic distance meters on baselines" were written in the EMRP project. These have been adopted by the German Association of Surveying (DVW) for its pre-standard series Metrology for long distance surveying with GNSS and EDM. This "Merkblatt" series serves as a rapid publication platform and speeds the availability of research results for surveyors. 

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