New facility for nanoscale electronic devices in the RF frequency

Photograph of measurement setup – Courtesy of VSL

VNA measurement system enables high-frequency measurements for nanoscale planar electronic devices

Vector network analysers (VNAs) are the most precise measurement instruments at high frequencies and work is needed to extend their measurement capability to the nanoscale. EMPIR project Microwave measurements for planar circuits and components (14IND02 PlanarCal) is working towards using VNAs to perform traceable on-wafer high-frequency measurements for nanoscale planar electronic devices.

EMPIR partners TU Delft and VSL have designed an active microwave interferometer for use with existing VNA measurement systems. Embedding such an interferometer in a VNA system allows a high measurement resolution to be replicated. Experiments have demonstrated the feasibility of such a method, and this extended capability would play a crucial role in development of new technologies and devices.

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