BIPM – EURAMET TC Leadership Course

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BIPM – EURAMET TC Leadership Course

Following the very high interest among EURAMET members for the BIPM Training Course 'Leaders of Tomorrow', an additional four day 'BIPM-EURAMET TC Leadership course' tailored for EURAMET needs has been organised for the 7 to 10 February 2017.

The 'BIPM-EURAMET TC Leadership' course is focused on the scientific and technical staff members of EURAMET's NMIs and DIs who are active in the EURAMET Technical Committees and have shown potential for TC leadership. Training will enable participants to be highly effective in their involvement in the CIPM MRA processes and bring important personal contributions to the further development of EURAMET.

Programme highlights

  • Introduction to the Metre Convention, the CIPM MRA and its role in the wider quality infrastructure (involved bodies and structures, roles and responsibilities, interaction between involved parties, requirements and documentation)
  • Measurement comparisons and CMCs (roles and responsibilities, requirements and documentation, calculation of reference values and associated uncertainties, specific guidelines for particular measurement fields - TCs)
  • JCRB CMC Review process (review of CMCs; classic and fast track, JCRB CMC review website, interregional review of CMCs, revising CMCs; including suspending and deleting CMCs)
  • Quality management systems and regional metrology organisations (CIPM MRA Quality management systems requirements, EURAMET regional review processes, submission of evidence, processes and common pitfalls, differences in approach between the RMOs, monitoring of comparisons' progress)
  • The BIPM key comparison database (KCDB)

Full information, and application guidance, is given on the BIPM website at