Metrology for Regulation - Open Public Consultation - Online Event

Open public consultation on 'Metrology for Regulation' - Online event

Monday, 23 October 2023, 9:00 - 12:30 CEST.

The presentations and recordings of the talks are available on this web page.

WELMEC & EURAMET organised an online consultation event to collect & discuss metrology-related stakeholder needs in the area of regulation.


Plenary: Edoardo Mascalchi - Regulation and the Green Deal

Plenary: Pia Keski-Jaskari - Environmental surveillance emergency preparedness

Plenary: Jörn Stenger, EURAMET Chair & Pavel Klenovsky, WELMEC Chair

Radiation Protection: Teemu Siiskonen - EMN for Radiation Protection

Radiation Protection: Filip Vanhavere - Strategic Research Agenda EURADOS

Radiation Protection: Hayo Zutz - Type Test Requirements

Radiation Protection: Francois Bochud - Metrological needs for radiological protection

Environment: Nathalie Guigues - EMN PolMon Regulation and metrology

Environment: Annette Borowiak - New challenges in the air

Environment: Marina Ricci - CRM projects in the field of environment

Environment: Panayot Petrov - Indoor and Outdoor pollution

Legal Metrology: Pavel Klenovsky - Cooperation with EURAMET

Legal Metrology: Wim Vollmer - Ahead or behind of the game

Legal Metrology: Harry Stolz - Short Introduction of NoBoMet

Legal Metrology: Lukasz Bonenberg - European Radio navigation Plan

Plenary: Closing Panel