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Quantum Metrology: the present and the future

Monday, 21 November 2022 | 10:00 – 16:30 (UTC + 1)

Hosted by IPQ, PQI, EURAMET & the European Metrology Network for Quantum Technologies

Deadline for registration is 17 November 2022.

Location: Online & Academy of Sciences, Rua da Academia das Ciências, 19, Lisbon, Portugal

Metrology for Quantum Technologies

By 2030 quantum technologies will play a key role in the prosperity of countries and regions around the world. Today, large economies across the globe are making strategic investments in quantum science and technology, with the aim of rapidly deploying the developed technology in commercial products.

Quantum technology has remarkable potential for societal and economic impact. The second quantum revolution will provide means to resolve a wide variety of societal challenges, including development of new drugs, optimization of traffic flows, implementation of new financial strategies, development of new materials, and establishment of inherently secure communications. To achieve this, not only technology development is needed, but it will also be necessary to establish confidence in quantum products, their performance and interoperability. This essential step relies on validation and certification of quantum technology, based on metrological traceability and internationally agreed standards.

Europe is competing with other regions for leadership in quantum technologies. This requires investments in quantum science and technology as well as fit-for-purpose infrastructures and capabilities to support the emerging quantum industry in Europe. Coordinated actions are needed to ensure that the European quantum value chain has all necessary tools, skills, and technological capabilities. Establishment of National Quantum Institutes, including PQI, are a significant initiative towards improved coordination at national and European levels.

To support competitiveness of the emerging European quantum industry, the European Metrology Network for Quantum is working towards establishment of a European Quantum Metrology Infrastructure by coordinating, pooling, and strengthening the existing National Quantum Metrology networks. The aim is to provide the European quantum industry access to an enlarged portfolio of coordinated services throughout Europe. The Metrology Infrastructure also aims at representing European interests in global standardisation and regulation for quantum technologies and developing and transferring quantum measurement knowledge to the European Quantum Industry through research and innovation actions.

In this event arranged by IPQ, EURAMET’s EMN for Quantum Technologies, and PQI, invited speakers share their vision on the future trends and needs of quantum science and technology in Europe. Speakers include representatives from the European metrology community, EMN Quantum Technologies, PQI, and the European Commission.

The event aims to:

  • bring together stakeholders from industry & science and other interested parties,
  • give an overview of European Quantum Strategy and respective coordination actions,
  • present the recent progress in Quantum Metrology to the European quantum community,
  • encourage discussions on the future needs for European infrastructures and research in quantum science and technology, and
  • provide feedback on needs for new and improved measurement capabilities for quantum technology that might be addressed by the EURAMET community and within the European Partnership on Metrology.

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Event Information

2022-11-21 to 2022-11-21
Hybrid event (Online & Academy of Sciences, Lisbon, Portugal)
EMN Quantum Technologies