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Cutting-edge measurement science for the future

IMEKO & Mathmet Symposium


31 August – 2 September 2022, Porto, Portugal


The Joint IMEKO TC1-TC7-TC13-TC18 Symposium 2022: “Cutting-edge measurement science for the future” will take place from 31 August to 1 September, followed by a one-day Mathmet satellite workshop on 2 September, on mathematical and statistical applications related to the activity of the Technical Committees involved.

This year, the IMEKO symposium will join forces with colleagues from the Mathmet European Metrology Network, as the reference organisation for all matters related to mathematical and statistical applications in metrology - including uncertainty evaluation, regression analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and digital twins. In the one-day satellite workshop, the target research areas are Measurement Uncertainty training, Quality Management Systems, and Measurement on Medical applications; all closely related to the IMEKO TCs organising this symposium.

The Symposium is organised by the Portuguese Institute for Quality (IPQ), the Portuguese Association of Accredited Laboratories (RELACRE) and the School of Engineering, Polytechnic Institute of Porto (ISEP), with the support of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) and the European Metrology Network for Mathematics and Statistics (EMN Mathmet).

The scope of the Joint Symposium covers a broad and diverse range of topics that are relevant to the following technical Committees of IMEKO:

  • TC1 Education and Training in Measurement and Instrumentation
  • TC7 Measurement Science
  • TC13 Measurements in Biology and Medicine
  • TC18 Measurements in Human Functions


Call for Papers deadline for submission of abstracts 20 March 2022



Event Information

2022-08-31 to 2022-09-02
Porto, Portugal
EMPIR , EMN Mathematics and Statistics