EURAMET Training Course on Mass Calibration at OIML E1 Uncertainty

The registration is closed – this training course is fully booked.

The training aims in improving the knowledge of the laboratory staff in EURAMET NMI/DIs on maintenance of primary mass standards and the calibration of mass standards to OIML Class E1 level uncertainties.
The course objectives are for participants to:

  • Become familiar with mass scale
  • Understand traceability in the mass area
  • Understand the different weight classes
  • Become familiar with good practice in weight inspection, handling and calibration
  • Carry out ABA and ABABA calibrations
  • Understand buoyancy corrections and how to apply them
  • Carry out balance assessments
  • Understand and produce uncertainty budgets for mass calibrations

The course will comprise a mixture of approximately 1 ½ days of formal lectures and 1 ½ days of practical sessions.  

Who should attend 
Mass metrology staff from EURAMET NMI/DIs who are less experienced in mass calibration at the OIML E1 level of uncertainty. Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of mass measurements.

Programme outline
Day 1
The international mass unit and traceability  
Weight inspection and weight handling  
Weighing techniques (basic)
ABABA weighing exercise (laboratory)

Day 2
Balance assessment (lecture)
Assessment of a balance for eccentricity, hysteresis, linearity and repeatability (laboratory)
Air density measurement and buoyancy correction 

Day 3
Weighing techniques (advanced)  
High accuracy weighing including buoyancy correction (laboratory)
Uncertainty calculationReview of weighing results and uncertainty calculations (practical session) 
Future changes to the SI unit of mass and implications for NMIs/DIs  

The trainers are

  • James Berry
  • Stuart Davidson
  • Kevin Douglas
  • Emily Webster
  • Perdi Williams

Participants eligibility 
EURAMET NMIs and DIs; further participants according to availability and upon invitation.

Participants should take care of travel and accommodation themselves.A list of suitable accommodation can be found at:

Details of the course locations can be found at:

Please be aware that for some countries a valid visa for travel to UK is needed. 

For questions please contact EURAMET's Capacity Building Officer Tanasko Tasić.