2018 European Conference on X-ray Spectrometry

The European Conference on X-ray Spectrometry which is a 5 day conference taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Scientists from all around the world working in X-ray sepctrometry or using one of its several techniques such as X-ray fluorescence, electron microprobe, PIXE, and XRD will represents an exciting discussion forum for basic research and applications of x-ray spectrometry in a rich variety of fields like materials science, chemistry, radiation physics, medicine, biology, environment, cultural heritage, technology and industry.

Results from EMRP project (ENG53 ThinErgy) Traceable characterisation of thin-film materials for energy applications will be presented at the conference. This project will develop the measurements needed to characterise the structure of thin films and their novel properties. Models will also be developed to help interpret the measurements and relate them to product performance. This will accelerate innovation and improve quality control for energy technologies.