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Date Title Location Category
2021-10-19 to 2021-10-19 TC-EM Working Group for Strategic Planning Meeting 2021 Online Meeting
TC-EM Related Event
2021-10-19 to 2021-10-20 TC-Length (TC-L) Annual Meeting 2021 Online Meeting
TC Meeting
2021-10-18 to 2021-10-19 EURAMET - COOMET training course on small volume comparisons Online Training
Capacity BuildingTechnical Training
2021-10-14 to 2021-10-14 VOCs - Bringing in situ & remote communities together for a better data uncertainty estimation Online Event
2021-10-13 to 2021-10-14 Measurement for Climate Action Online Event
2021-10-13 to 2021-10-13 Tutorial: Gear metrology for Wind Energy Systems Online Event
2021-10-13 to 2021-10-13 Digitalisation Call 2022: Brainstorming Meeting for TC Metrology in Chemistry Online Meeting
TC-MC Related Event
2021-10-12 to 2021-10-12 EMN Advanced Manufacturing Annual General Meeting 2021 Online Meeting
EMNs (European Metrology Networks)EMN Advanced Manufacturing
2021-10-11 to 2021-10-12 Single-Electron Quantum Optics for Metrology Workshop Online Event
EMPIREMN Quantum Technologies
2021-10-11 to 2021-10-11 EMN Advanced Manufacturing Stakeholder Meeting 2021 Online Event
EMNs (European Metrology Networks)EMN Advanced Manufacturing
2021-10-08 to 2021-10-08 20th TC Chairs Meeting Online Meeting
TC Chairs Meeting
2021-10-07 to 2021-10-07 Enhanced temperature measurement techniques for improved process control Online Event
2021-10-06 to 2021-10-07 BoD Working Group for Capacity Building: Annual Meeting 2021 Online Meeting
BoD Working Group Capacity Building
2021-09-29 to 2021-09-29 Kick-off Meeting of the EMN Radiation Protection Online Meeting
EMNs (European Metrology Networks)EMN Radiation Protection
2021-09-23 to 2021-09-30 Metrology for Digital Transformation Online Event
EMPIRTC-IM Related EventEMN Mathematics and StatisticsEMNs (European Metrology Networks)EMN Advanced ManufacturingDigital Transformation
2021-09-22 to 2021-09-22 Application of Machine Learning and Data Analytics for the Factory of the Future Online Event
2021-09-21 to 2021-09-22 VirtMet 2021: Workshop on digital twins and virtual measurement devices Online Event
ExternalTC-IM Related EventEMN Mathematics and StatisticsEMNs (European Metrology Networks)
2021-09-21 to 2021-09-22 44th Board of Directors Meeting Online Meeting
Board of Directors Meeting
2021-09-15 to 2021-09-15 EMPIR workshop: Metrology for real-world domestic water metering Online Event
2021-09-15 to 2021-09-15 Low Liquid Flows in Medical Technology Online Event
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