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Date Title Location Category
2022-09-26 to 2022-09-30 BIPM-WMO Metrology for Climate Action Workshop Online Workshop
TC-MC Related Event TC-T Related Event EMN Climate and Ocean Observation EMN Energy Gases EMN Mathematics and Statistics EMN Pollution Monitoring
2022-09-20 to 2022-09-21 47th Board of Directors Meeting Hybrid Meeting (METAS, Bern, Switzerland and online)
Board of Directors Meeting
2022-09-19 to 2022-09-20 IMEKO TC6: First International Conference on Metrology and Digital Transformation Hybrid: Berlin (Germany) and online
EMPIR TC-IM Related Event Digital Transformation
2022-09-13 to 2022-09-15 ICOS Science Conference 2022 Utrecht, The Netherlands and Online
2022-09-05 to 2022-09-08 TC-Mass and Related Quantities (TC-M) Annual Meeting 2022 RISE, Boras (Sweden)
TC Meeting
2022-08-31 to 2022-09-02 Cutting-edge measurement science for the future Porto, Portugal
EMPIR EMN Mathematics and Statistics
2022-08-29 to 2022-09-29 Training session of the NEWGASMET project Online
EMPIR External Training EMN Energy Gases EMNs (European Metrology Networks)
2022-07-25 to 2022-07-29 International conference on mercury as a global pollutant (ICMGP 2022) Online Event
EMPIR Standardisation
2022-07-08 to 2022-07-08 Open consultation on Metrology for Semiconductor Technologies Online Event
European Partnership on Metrology EMN Advanced Manufacturing
2022-06-23 to 2022-06-23 Workshop on the future of nucleic acid metrology Metas, Bern, Switzerland
EMN Traceability in Laboratory Medicine
2022-06-21 to 2022-06-22 EMN Climate and Ocean Observation Annual General Meeting 2022 tbd
EMN Climate and Ocean Observation EMNs (European Metrology Networks)
2022-06-20 to 2022-06-22 5th Joint International Symposium on Deformation Monitoring Conference Valencia, Spain
2022-06-20 to 2022-06-21 22nd TC Chairs Meeting Hybrid meeting (PTB, Berlin, Germany and Online)
TC Chairs Meeting
2022-06-06 to 2022-06-07 EURAMET training course on resistance standards CMI, Prague, Czech Republic
Capacity Building Technical Training
2022-06-02 to 2022-06-03 Workshop on measurements of solid and liquid biofuel key parameters Lisbon, Portugal
EMPIR Energy
2022-06-01 to 2022-06-01 33rd EMPIR Committee Meeting BEV, Vienna (Austria) and online
EMPIR/EMRP Committee
2022-06-01 to 2022-06-02 Partnership Committee Meeting P01 BEV, Vienna (Austria) and online
Partnership Committee Meeting
2022-05-30 to 2022-06-02 16th EURAMET General Assembly Hybrid meeting (BEV, Vienna, Austria, and online)
EURAMET General Assembly
2022-05-29 to 2022-05-31 IEEE PES 20th International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power Naples, Italy
EMPIR Standardisation
2022-05-24 to 2022-05-26 Quantum Lectures 2022 Online Event
EMN Quantum Technologies EMNs (European Metrology Networks)
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