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Date Title Location Category
2019-10-16 to 2019-10-17 Workshop on Metrology for Digital Transformation in Industry and Society SPF Economie, City Atrium 1210 Brussels BE
EURAMETTC-IM Related Event
2019-10-15 to 2019-10-16 General Meeting of the EMN on Quantum Technologies & Stakeholder Engagement PTB, Berlin, Germany
EMN Quantum TechnologiesEuropean Metrology Networks
2019-10-14 to 2019-10-15 TC-Length (TC-L) Annual Meeting 2019 PTB, Germany
TC Meeting
2019-10-09 to 2019-10-11 EURAMET-BIPM Training Course on Organisation and Piloting of Intercomparisons in Ionising Radiation NPL, Teddington,United Kingdom
Capacity BuildingTechnical Training
2019-10-08 to 2019-10-08 Workshop on Smart Specialisation European Metrology Networks (EMNs) CEM, Madrid, Spain
European Metrology Networks
2019-10-07 to 2019-10-07 13th TC-EM Working Group on Strategic Planning Meeting 2019 INM, Bucharest, Romania
TC-EM Related Event
2019-10-07 to 2019-10-09 TC-Electricity and Magnetism (TC-EM) Annual Meeting 2019 Bucharest, Romania
TC Meeting
2019-09-29 to 2019-10-04 European microwave week (EuMW 2019) Paris, France
2019-09-29 to 2019-10-04 METTI school - Thermal Metrology and Inverse Techniques Porquerolles, France
External Training
2019-09-27 to 2019-09-27 STAIR EMPIR webinar to identify standardisation needs
2019-09-25 to 2019-09-27 EMPIR Smart Grids and IEEE AMPS workshop Aachen, Germany
2019-09-24 to 2019-09-26 CIM 2019 - 19th International Metrology Congress Paris, France
2019-09-17 to 2019-09-18 2019 Autumn workshop on delivering impact in EMPIR projects IPQ, Caparica (near Lisbon), Portugal
EMRP / EMPIR Training
2019-09-17 to 2019-09-18 EURAMET Insights in Calibration Automation and Digitalisation PTB, Braunschweig, Germany
Capacity BuildingMetrology System Training
2019-09-11 to 2019-09-12 Workshop on hydrogen quality and flow metering for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles Delft, The Netherlands
2019-09-09 to 2019-09-13 EMPIR project results to be presented at International Conference on Acoustics Aachen, Germany
2019-09-03 to 2019-09-04 38th Board of Directors Meeting SMD, Brussels, Belgium
Board of Directors Meeting
2019-08-28 to 2019-08-29 2019 Workshop for Incoming TC-Chairs PTB, Braunschweig, Germany, 28 - 29 August 2019
TC Chairs Meeting
2019-07-01 to 2019-07-01 Save the date: Kick-off meeting of the EMN Quantum Metrology LNE, Paris, France
EMN Quantum TechnologiesEuropean Metrology Networks
2019-06-26 to 2019-06-27 Biomolecules in Neurodegenerative Diseases conference Braunschweig, Germany
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