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Date Title Location Category
2024-05-21 to 2024-05-22 EMN Pollution Monitoring Annual General Meeting 2024 and related events LNE, Paris (France)
EMNs (European Metrology Networks) EMN Pollution Monitoring
2024-05-22 to 2024-05-22 JNP 19NET01 Support for a European Metrology Network on advanced manufacturing: Final meeting Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), Berlin (Germany)
EMNs (European Metrology Networks) EMN Advanced Manufacturing
2024-05-22 to 2024-05-22 Workshop on standardisation of test methods in microfluidics IPQ, Caparica, Portugal
EMPIR EMN Traceability in Laboratory Medicine Standardisation
2024-05-23 to 2024-05-23 Workshop on the future of metrology for advanced manufacturing Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), Berlin (Germany)
EMNs (European Metrology Networks) EMN Advanced Manufacturing
2024-05-27 to 2024-05-31 Advanced characterisation of materials symposium - to be held at Spring 2024 meeting of the European Materials Research Society Strasbourg, France
EMPIR European Partnership on Metrology Standardisation
2024-05-28 to 2024-05-28 Consultative Committee for Ionizing Radiation online seminar: X-ray imaging dosimetry challenge Online event
European Partnership on Metrology
2024-05-29 to 2024-05-30 Workshop: Metrology infrastructure for high-pressure gas and liquified hydrogen flows PTB Braunschweig Germany
EMPIR EMN Energy Gases Industry
2024-06-03 to 2024-06-07 18th EURAMET General Assembly NPL, Teddington (United Kingdom)
EURAMET General Assembly
2024-06-03 to 2024-06-04 Partnership Committee Meeting P06 NPL, Teddington (United Kingdom)
Partnership Committee Meeting
2024-06-03 to 2024-06-07 Radiation Protection Dosimetry and Accreditation of IMS: Secrets & Solutions Krakow, Poland
EMPIR EMN Radiation Protection
2024-06-06 to 2024-06-07 Symposium: Biomarkers in Neurodegenerative Diseases GENOPOLYS-Campus Arnaud de Villeneuve-141 rue de la cardonille-34396 Montpellier cedex 5-France & online
Health European Partnership on Metrology
2024-06-07 to 2024-06-07 26th TC Chairs Meeting NPL, Teddington (UK) and online
TC Chairs Meeting
2024-06-12 to 2024-06-13 EMN Climate and Ocean Observation Annual General Meeting 2024 LNE, Paris (France)
EMN Climate and Ocean Observation EMNs (European Metrology Networks)
2024-06-24 to 2024-06-24 Metrology for Energy Regulation - Open Public Consultation - Online Event Online Event
EMN Energy Gases EMN Smart Electricity Grids EMN Clean Energy
2024-06-26 to 2024-06-27 EMN Mathmet Annual General Meeting 2024 LNE, Paris, France
EMN Mathematics and Statistics
2024-08-26 to 2024-08-29 IMEKO 2024 XXIV World Congress Hamburg, Germany
External TC-M Related Event
2024-09-09 to 2024-09-13 EURAMET 2024 TC Flow Summer School CMI, Brno (Czechia)
Metrology System Training
2024-09-16 to 2024-09-18 First stakeholder meeting of the CIPM sectoral task group on climate change and environment BIPM Sèvres France and online
EMPIR EMN Climate and Ocean Observation
2024-09-18 to 2024-09-19 EMN Smart North Annual General Meeting 2024 JV, Kjeller (Norway)
EMNs (European Metrology Networks) EMN Smart Specialisation in Northern Europe
2024-10-07 to 2024-10-11 TC-Mass and Related Quantities (TC-M) Annual Meeting 2024 INRiM, Torino (Italy) and Online
TC Meeting
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