Workshop on Smart Specialisation European Metrology Networks (EMNs)

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Workshop on Smart Specialisation EMNs

In the development of EURAMET’s strategy for closer collaboration there have been various discussions in recent years on how “Smart Specialisation” plays a role. There have been some proposals for EMNs on this topic, but they have yet to develop a clear idea of how they would operate. We know that we can’t independently accomplish everything. However, we still struggle to find a way to develop mutual trust that allows for greater reliance on each other, to provide basic traceability to our customers and to make better use of our scarce resources.

What can be done about this? How can we make arrangements to build that trust and allow that interdependence to work to our mutual benefit? Are there existing examples that we can build on? 

These questions will be addressed at an upcoming workshop, to be held at the CEM in Madrid on Tuesday 8th October. This topic can only be discussed by senior management with responsibility for strategic decisions crossing technical areas and Delegates are encouraged to send someone appropriate to the meeting. The outcome should be a greater understanding of how we can design EMNs to promote this cooperation on a regional basis.