Workshop 'Challenges on the measurement of sparkle and graininess'

5 November 2019, Espoo, Finland

EMPIR project ‘Bidirectional reflectance definitions’ (16NRM08, BiRD) is working to carry out measurements on different visual effects and independently validate them, and use these measurements to propose standards and guidance, as well as agreeing formats for measurement data. It will make recommendations for the characterisation of surface colour, gloss, sparkle and graininess effects and agree new approaches for measuring these. These standardised approaches will help manufacturers produce a new generation of instruments, giving many industries, including automotive and cosmetics, better control of product appearance and higher customer satisfaction.

The project consortium will run a workshop on the measurement of sparkle, covering the following topics: perception, NMI facilities, automotive, measurement scales, instruments, visual experiments, coating and displays. For further information, please contact Alejandro Ferrero.