VOCs - Bringing in situ & remote communities together for a better data uncertainty estimation

14 October 2021, 9:00 – 17:00 CEST (08:00 – 16:00 BST)

Identifying the atmospheric trends of VOCs is relevant to better understanding climate change since they are ozone precursors and/or greenhouse gases (GHGs). The EMPIR project Metrology for climate relevant volatile organic compounds (19ENV06, MetClimVOC) aims to improve the comparability of monitoring VOC data by developing new traceable reference gas mixtures, improving sampling and analytical methods and transferring the outputs to the field (e.g. working standards, tools to calculate uncertainty budgets)

The free workshop, organised by the project consortium, will address the challenges for accurate and comparable VOC measurements for terpenes, oxy-VOCs and halogenated VOCs. The workshop will focus on metrological aspects and uncertainty estimation of in situ and remote sensing VOC measurements. Preliminary results from the project will be also presented.

A general agenda of the workshop can be found here.

Registration: If you are interested in participating or you have questions about the workshop, don't hesitate to send your request to the following address.

This EMPIR project is co-funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the EMPIR Participating States