EMN Quantum Technologies Annual General Meeting 2019 & Workshop on Stakeholder Engagement

First General Meeting
The first Annual General Meeting of the EMN for Quantum Technologies will be held on 15 October 2019, from 10.15 – 18.00.

The first item on the agenda is in reference to the election of the Chair, Vice Chairs and the Secretary of the EMN. The following items will cover the development of a Strategic Research Agenda, the establishment of a Stakeholder Council, and finally, a discussion about communication activities. 

For more information, please see the agenda.

Stakeholder Engagement Session
Stakeholders are key for the EMN to become successfully embedded in the relevant field. 
Stakeholder mapping is a long established business method (started in 1980s) used to collate information about the current and future stakeholders and their needs. It identifies both who the stakeholders are and establishes their level of significance in helping to achieve the business aims. 

The suggested mapping & prioritisation process is the bedrock for the activities of the EMN. It helps to decide which stakeholders to focus on initially, making sure the resources NMIs & DIs have invested in the EMN are used most effectively, and that the strategic agenda is based on current needs. The mapping process also supports further activities like developing a communication strategy and informing outreach routes.

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