EURAMET-BIPM Training Course on Organisation and Piloting of Intercomparisons in Ionising Radiation

Registration closed - this training course is fully booked.

The EURAMET-BIPM Training Course ‘Organisation and Piloting of Intercomparisons in Ionising Radiation’ aims to prepare metrologists from the field of ionising radiation to organise and pilot intercomparisons in the areas of dosimetry, radioactivity and neutron measurements. By helping to improve the skills of experts, as well as NMIs/DIs, the purpose of this course is to contribute towards sharing the load of piloting intercomparisons between more NMIs/DIs in EURAMET, and worldwide.

The course will provide an insight into international metrology structures and the operation of EURAMET. It will also supply in-depth training on the technical and logistical aspects of performing and piloting comparisons. The course tutors are acknowledged as world experts in their field. The course will be highly interactive, with plenty of time for discussions, and will be a valuable opportunity to network with leading experts and colleagues from EURAMET and beyond.

Who should attend? 
The course is primarily aimed at those in NMIs or DIs who plan to pilot, and those taking part in an intercomparisons in ionising radiation metrology in the future.

Programme outline

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • International metrology
  • BIPM and EURAMET intercomparisons in IR: Conducting, evaluation and reporting
  • Preparation of a good and suitable protocol
  • Logistics of IR comparisons (distributing samples and artefacts)
  • Experiences from practice

Day 2

  • Dosimetry intercomparisons: Lecture, a view from newcomer, and case studies (practical exercises)
  • Radioactivity intercomparisons: Lecture, a view from newcomer, and case studies (practical exercises)

Day 3

  • Neutrons intercomparisons: Lecture, a view from newcomer, and case studies (practical exercises)
  • Summary and wrap-up: What has been taught
  • Students’ overview of what they have learned 

Lecturers will be from worldwide leading metrology institutions in the field of Ionising Radiation (BIPM, NPL, PTB, VSL, JRC, SSM, IJS) and EURAMET.  
Participants eligibility
This course is aimed primarily at the EURAMET TC-IR community, however, colleagues from other RMOs will be invited as well.

The registration is closed. Participation will be confirmed by 7 June 2019.

Participants are kindly asked to arrange travel and accommodation themselves. Information about suitable accommodation and transfer is available here >>

For questions please contact EURAMET's Capacity Building Officer Tanasko Tasić.