EMN MATHMET Annual General Meeting & Kick-off meeting 2019

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Annual General Meeting: 19 June 2019, start 14:30
EMPIR Joint Network Project kick-off meeting: 20 June 2019, end 15:00

The new European Metrology Network (EMN) MATHMET will be working to create a sustainable structure in Mathematics and Statistics for metrological applications – an area of strategic importance for the future of European metrology.
This EMN aims to engage with Companies, Universities, Accreditation Bodies and Associations with an interest in Mathematics and Statistics in metrology, to maximise the impact of metrology R&D activities. The EMN will bring together the metrology community in Europe and by creating and disseminating knowledge will build a coordinated stakeholder infrastructure to increase interactions between members of this important measurement community.
The inaugural Annual General Meeting of the MATHMET EMN will be on 19 June from 14.30h until 19.00h. A networking dinner has been arranged at PTB. Registered participants for the Annual General Meeting are cordially invited to also attend the EMPIR Joint Network Project start-up meeting 20 June 9.30h to 14.30h.

Outline programme 19 June (EMN kick-off)
14:30 Welcome and introduction to EMNs (Jörn Stenger, PTB)
15:00 Election of the Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary
15:15 MATHMET project procedure
15:45 MATHMET project proposal: Development of a GUM software
16:30 Break
17:00 Change of the RoP to include the MATHMET project procedure: Voting
17:05 MATHMET project proposal – Development of a GUM software: Voting
17:10 Discussion on resources and membership fees
18:00 MATHMET joint project proposals for the EMIR Call 2020
18:30 Closing remarks
19:00 Dinner

Outline programme 20 June (JNP kick-off)
09:30 Welcome and introduction to JNP
10:15 Strategic research agenda (WP1 - PTB, all)
11:00 Quality management framework (WP2 – NPL, all)
11:45 Stakeholder consultation processes (WP1/WP2 – PTB/NPL, all)
12:30 Lunch Break
13:00 Creating impact (WP3 – VSL, all)
13:45 Decision on next steps
14:30 Closing remarks

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Abbestraße 2-12
Berlin, Germany

Participation Fee
Participation is free, however the evening meal will be at the attendees own expense.

Sebastian Heidenreich
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt
Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 30 3481 7726
E-mail: Sebastian.Heidenreich@ptb.de