Capacity building stakeholder workshop for 14RPT05 Eura-Thermal

Over 60 % of the processes used in Europe’s manufacturing industry depend on the accurate measurement of the thermal properties of materials. Advanced thermal metrology is therefore a key factor for improving the efficiency and environmental impact of industrial processes.

Europe has several NMIs specialising in the field of thermal metrology, but in order to accelerate economic growth across Europe, this expertise needs to be shared more widely. EMPIR project Developing traceable capabilities in thermal metrology (14RPT05 Eura-Thermal) will increase knowledge transfer and improve the availability of facilities in the field of thermal metrology (i.e. high temperature contact thermometry, non-contact thermometry and thermophysical properties characterisation) to emerging European NMIs, where such access is currently limited. The enhanced measurement capability provided through the project will help to sustain the economic competitiveness of European member states.

The project will organise a stakeholder workshop on Tuesday 16 May 2017 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This workshop is on the improvement of measurement capabilities for high temperature contact thermometry. Project stakeholders are the valuable to the project to ensure creation of short and long term impact. Therefore, all interested parties are invited to attend the event. Further details are provided in the programme.

If you wish to attend the workshop please contact and by Friday 12 May 2017. They will provide you with confirmation of your registration and will be able to provide any necessary additional information.