International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine

Achieving Change in Practice

The use of ionizing radiation in medicine is well established, and has resulted in tremendous benefit to humankind in diagnosing and treating diseases. While the medical benefits are unquestionable, there has been growing evidence of unintended and unnecessary use of radiation in medicine, creating the need for radiation protection principles. The coverage includes optimization and justification in medical exposure; safety in medical use of ionizing radiation; and radiation protection of medical staff and public, when ionizing radiation is used for diagnosis, intervention, therapy or research.

Results from EMPIR project (15HLT05 Perfusimaging) Metrology for multi-modality imaging of impaired tissue perfusion will be presented at the conference. This project will develop physical standards and data analysis tools to assess the reliability of the different imaging techniques, thereby validating their potential use in the early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease.

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