EURAMET eNewsletter | Issue 4 | 31 August 2016

Take part in EU consultation on metrology research

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the joint programming of metrology research (EMRP and EMPIR). The EURAMET Chairpersons would like to encourage the EURAMET and broader metrology communities and their stakeholders to take part in the public consultation. Have your say until Friday 7 October 2016. read more >>

First impact report on Metrology for Environment projects published

A new report outlines the key technical achievements and early impacts of the first group of projects completed under the EMRP Environment theme.
The report explores the new measurement capabilities developed as a result of the collaborations within the Environment projects. Forty-five metrology research groups came together with academia, industry and public environment agencies to improve data quality and stimulate the development of innovative technologies, to support an improved quality of life for European citizens. read more >>

External Training Resources

EURAMET's Knowledge Transfer web pages are constantly growing and provide different opportunities to share expertise, skills and knowledge with the metrology community. Now they contain a new selection of training material from EURAMET members and associates. read more >>

Research & Innovation

Find here a selection of latest news from EMRP's and EMPIR's joint research projects:

Electronic display technology company first industrial user of EMPIR-developed facility
New facility established as part of EMPIR project (14IND07 3D Stack) used to identify hot spots in electronic devices. read more >>

Transportable optical clock used in first demonstration of its kind
Transportable optical clock has been developed by partner PTB for use in a coordinated programme of clock frequency comparisons. read more >>

Mise en pratique includes contributions from photometry and radiometry projects
EURAMET's research programmes contribute towards Mise en pratique for the definition of the candela and associated derived units. read more >>

Upcoming Events

BoD Working Group for Capacity Building: Annual Meeting 2016
6 to 7 October 2016, NSAI in Dublin (Ireland)

2nd ENV54 MetroDecom Workshop
11 to 12 October 2016 in Ispra (Italy)

TC-Electricity and Magnetism (TC-EM) Annual Meeting 2016
13 to 14 October 2016, BEV in Vienna (Austria)

2016 Communications Workshop & Round Table
17 to 18 October 2016, NPL in Teddington (UK)

TC-Length (TC-L) Annual Meeting 2016
17 to 18 October 2016, VSL in Delft (Netherlands)

19 October 2016, Brussels

To see all events, please go here >>

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