EURAMET eNewsletter | Issue 12 | 17 May 2018

Constant evolution of the International System of Units

Celebrate World Metrology Day 2018
It's World Metrology Day on 20 May 2018. This year's theme is 'constant evolution of the International System of Units'.

The theme was chosen because in November 2018, the General Conference on Weights and Measures is expected to agree one of the largest changes to the International System of Units (SI) since its inception.

Learn what is behind the worldwide event and the #SIredefinition >> and how EURAMET members METAS and INRIM contributed to this year’s World Metrology Day poster >>

Progress towards redefining the International System of Units in 2018

On 20 October 2017, the International Committee for Weights and Measures submitted a resolution recommending the redefinition of four base units of the International System of Units: the kilogram, the ampere, the kelvin and the mole.

If approved, the four units will be based on exact values of four fundamental constants. read more >>

A number of projects within EURAMET's European Metrology Research Programmes have contributed to this important development.

News from European collaborative research projects

Accuracy for installed flow meters

Monitoring fluids flowing through pipes is vital for the efficiency and safety of many systems, from transporting hot water around buildings to transporting oil across continents. Accurately measuring these rates enables leak detection and supports energy efficiency.
EMRP project 'Novel mathematical and statistical approaches to uncertainty evaluation' developed new statistical models based on experimental measurements of system operating pressure, temperature and layout to better relate the effect of flow in real systems to ideal calibration conditions. read more >>

Installed sensing for power plant

Identifying potential pipe failures in power plants or other hostile environments, can reduce unplanned shutdowns and prevent huge emergency repair costs. Piezoelectric sensors could provide the integrity information needed but these materials require development for high temperature operation and improved characterisation to ensure reliable performance.

EMRP project 'Metrology of electrothermal coupling for new functional materials technology', evaluated many different new piezo-electric materials and identified one with great potential for high temperature measurements. read more >>

Promoting better temperature measurements

Enhancing process efficiency in high-value manufacturing through improved temperature measurement:
The close engagement of end-users with the work of EURAMET joint research project ‘Enhancing process efficiency through improved temperature measurement’ (14IND04 EMPRESS), was demonstrated at a recent workshop held at NPL, the UK’s National Measurement Institute. read more >>

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