EURAMET eNewsletter | Issue 23 | 20 May 2022

World Metrology Day 2022


20 May marks the annual celebration of World Metrology Day. This year, in 2022, the theme for the day is 'Metrology in the Digital Era' - selected to commemorate digital transformation as one of the most exciting, revolutionary trends in society today.

Metrology, the science of measurement, plays a key role in scientific discovery and innovation, indeed, across all fields of scientific research.

Metrology also underpins industrial manufacturing and even international trade, and is vital for improving the quality of life and protecting our global environment.

On 20 May 1875, the Metre Convention was signed by representatives of seventeen nations, to set the framework for global collaboration in measurement science. That's why the global measurement community come together to mark this day every year, where even today, the original objective of the Metre Convention, to achieve worldwide uniformity of measurement, remains just as important.

Digital transformation certainly creates new and inspiring opportunities, but to make the most of the associated benefits, we must be able to trust data, data products and the results generated using artificial intelligence - where reliable measurements are vital. Through stakeholder engagement, joint research, and collaboration within the European quality infrastructure, EURAMET is continuing to support crucial advancements in digital metrology fields - find out more by browsing the news stories below.

To learn more, visit our new webpage for World Metrology Day 2022 >>

See EURAMET's & WELMEC's joint press release here >>


Metrology research underpinning digital transformation at all levels

The formal launch of the European Partnership on Metrology has refocused European measurement science objectives towards the region's digital transformation.

Across all levels, from project researchers, to experts from Technical Committees, to members of European Metrology Networks, EURAMET's efforts are helping to create effective solutions for Europe's digital challenges.


Metrology Networks bring in stakeholder needs related to digital transformation

In 2018, EURAMET began to create its European Metrology Networks - to support the aim to establish a balanced, integrated and cost effective European measurement infrastructure.

This year, on World Metrology Day 2022, selected networks look back on their recent achievements and future prospects concering metrology for Europe's digital transformation.

To hear from representatives of the EMNs for Climate and Ocean Observation, for Advanced Manufacturing and Mathematics and Statistics, see the full story.


Global collaboration for digital transformation

Metrology is a unique scientific field in that it affects and underpins a broad range of scientific and technological innovations.

From efficient product design and manufacture, to the sustainable management of energy resources, reliable measurements are crucial.

Similarly, the modern world's digital transformation will require significant metrological advancements - calling for a 'raise of game' in the field of measurement science.


EURAMET Technical Committees supporting digital transformation

As this year’s World Metrology Day focuses on ‘Metrology in the Digital Era’, we at EURAMET are taking the opportunity to review our progress in the digital transformation of European metrology. 

EURAMET’s Technical Committees (TCs) represent the backbone for the exchange of ideas and development of projects pertaining to measurement science - where the TC for Interdisciplinary Metrology has established a special focus on Metrology for Digital Transformation.


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