EURAMET eNewsletter | Issue 17 | 17 March 2020

Building the capacity of measurement institutes across Europe

One of EURAMET’s primary goals is to develop a well-balanced and stable metrology system across Europe.

To achieve this, EURAMET has continually and actively encouraged cooperation and the transfer of knowledge between its members; particularly from well-resourced and more established National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) and Designated Institutes (DIs), to those at earlier stages of their development.

Since 2011, EURAMET’s Capacity Building strategy has taken shape through an increased focus on activities like research potential projects, training courses and researcher mobility grants – with a view to improving the research and operational capacity of its new and emerging member institutes, and lessening the existing metrology expertise gaps across Europe. See our new Focus Topic: Capacity Building page to find selected success stories.


Dedicated working group set up to support EURAMET's capacity building strategy has new convenor

To facilitate its Capacity Building strategy, EURAMET has established a dedicated working group under the auspice of the Board of Directors. A long-time member of the working group, Paul Hetherington, has been recently appointed as its new convenor. Read the full interview with Paul Hetherington here >>

At present, the group is working to encourage institute participation in EURAMET activities, promote the transfer of knowledge between NMI/DIs, and carry out various other capacity building measures to support all of EURAMET’s member states and create a coherent metrology landscape for Europe.


New measurement capabilities result from EURAMET Research Potential projects

EURAMET Research Potential projects have focused on extending the research capacity of emerging European metrology institutes. Through the development of instrumentation, calibration services and measurement standards, these projects have helped several institutes to develop their metrological expertise in accordance with specific stakeholder requirements.


EMPIR Capacity Building project enables analysis of environmental materials

To determine the benefits of implementing differing environmental policies, various climate-related indicators need to be measured and tracked accurately. As part of EURAMET’s Capacity Building strategy, a recently completed EMPIR project has developed new analysis methods for monitoring the levels of organic and inorganic pollutants present in water and soil. These results will advance pollutant monitoring capabilities in several participating European countries.

Image showing Scientist analysing the water of a river
Image showing a photovoltaic panel

EMPIR Capacity Building project supports a stable energy supply for Europe

Measurements of electrical power and power quality are essential for creating a stable energy supply. An EMPIR Research Potential project has improved the measurement traceability of these critical quantities, to connect them more concretely to the fundamental system of units that governs measurement worldwide (the SI units). Project results will contribute to a smoother transition to renewable energy sources for Europe.


To read more capacity building success stories, please go to Focus Topic: Capacity Building >>

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