EURAMET Season's Greetings | December 2021

Here we are, at the end of another fruitful year! From all of us at EURAMET, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to all our members, friends, partners and stakeholders for your collaborative efforts in bringing about another year of wonderful achievements.

This year, we welcomed our new Chairperson, Jörn Stenger, as well as Mikko Merimaa, the new General Secretary. Additionally, the European Partnership on Metrology was approved by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. We also launched two new European Metrology Networks, and we continue to support the successful implementation of research projects across a wide range of metrology fields.

Importantly, we would like to thank Hans Arne Frøystein and Duncan Jarvis, our previous Chairperson and General Secretary respectively, for all their outstanding contributions within EURAMET. We now look forward to a new year ahead of continued collaboration and novel 2030 strategies supported by the Metrology Partnership - bringing together the measurement science community to tackle global challenges surrounding healthcare, the climate, the European Green Deal and innovation throughout European industry.

We look forward to future joint initiatives across Europe and beyond next year, and we wish you and your families a very happy holiday and a wonderful New Year.

Your EURAMET Community


2021 Highlights

European Partnership on Metrology successfully passed Parliament and Council

In summer 2020, the European Commission published its candidates for European Partnerships under Horizon Europe - including a proposal outlining the new European Partnership on Metrology.

This year, in mid-November, the European Partnership on Metrology was officially approved. As a key implementation tool of the Commission's Horizon Europe research programme, the partnerships will support and speed up the transition towards a green, climate-neutral and digital Europe.


Making way for the future of European manufacturing and circular economy

As one of the European Commission's six Key Enabling Technologies, Advanced Manufacturing has the potential to revolutionise production lines across the EU, all while promoting sustainability.

EURAMET's new network is working to address metrology issues across the manufacturing chain in support of this field. Today, the network is working on developing a Strategic Research Agenda, among other initiatives, to support the growth of advanced materials, nanotechnology, smart manufacturing systems, and more.

Read more about the EMN for Advanced Manufacturing >>

Protecting European citizens from the risks of ionising radiation

In the workplace alone, over 22 million people across the world are exposed to ionising radiation. To monitor risks for radiation exposure, the EU actively supports radiation protection legislation.

At EURAMET, our new metrology network will provide an essential focal point for addressing all related measurement needs - including dose assessments, exposure limits and reference values for activity concentrations. 

Read more about the EMN for Radiation Protection >>

Jörn Stenger is EURAMET’s new Chairperson

In June 2021, Jörn Stenger from PTB, Germany’s National Metrology Institute, started his 3-year term as the EURAMET Chairperson at the association's General Assembly online session.

Jörn has already made some invaluable contributions to our organisation in the first 6 months of his new position, including supporting the implementation of EURAMET’s 2030 strategy, the new European Partnership on Metrology, and metrology for digital transformation.

We wish Jörn all the best for his continued term ahead! 

Read more about Jörn >>

Thank you to our past-chair, Hans Arne Frøystein!

At  EURAMET's 2021 General Assembly, Hans Arne Frøystein officially handed over his title of EURAMET Chairperson to his sucessor Jörn Stenger from PTB Germany. 

Hans Arne will now act as Past Chairperson until mid-2022 and he is also the convenor of EURAMET’s General Assembly working group on European Metrology Networks. 

We wish him all the best with his continued contribution to the community.



Welcome to Mikko Merimaa: EURAMET’s new General Secretary

EURAMET is proud to announce its new General Secretary, Mikko Merimaa, who started his position in summer this year.

Mikko will play an essential role in developing and implementing strategies in collaboration with EURAMET's bodies & officials. We look forward to working closely with Mikko in the years to come!

We also wish to thank and express our appreciation to Duncan Jarvis, our previous General Secretary, for all his incredible work. 


63 EMPIR projects to present at International Metrology Congress, CIM 2021

In September this year, over 1000 participants from 45 countries attended the 2021 International Metrology Congress (CIM), where 63 contributions related to EURAMET and EMPIR projects were presented.

Oral presentations were given in areas such as thermal measurements, gas metrology, metrology at a nanoscale, and metrology and standards in a digital future. The event offered a unique opportunity for project researchers to present their results to the full breadth of the measurement science community.


Workshops on Europe’s digital measurement evolution held in autumn 2021

The European Commission has named the 2020s as 'Europe's Digital Decade'.

To support the topic of digital transformation from a measurement science point of view, EURAMET held a series of highly successful online sessions, promoting recent advancements in fields such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

The September sessions included speakers from key EMPIR projects, as well as representatives from EUROLAB, EURAMET's working group on 'Metrology for Digital Transformation', and the metrology networks 'Mathmet' and 'Advanced Manufacturing'. 

Read more about the September sessions >>

In November of this year, a final open consultation session for stakeholders on this topic was additionally held, focussing specifically on engagement between European Partnerships for Europe's digital future. 

Read more about the November session >>

EMNs and TCs help identify research needs related to the European Green Deal

In December 2019, the EU launched the European Green Deal, outlining its highest-priority objectives for tackling climate and environmental challenges. To support the EU with achieving these goals, EURAMET announced the opening of its 2021 Call for Needs for topics related to the Green Deal, consulting several European Metrology Networks and Technical Committees in this process.

Through on-going dialogue with stakeholders, the EMNs and TCs continue to ensure the alignment of EURAMET's research activities with the Green Deal; from securing clean and affordable energy, to preserving and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity. 


EURAMET welcomes new TC Chairs

This year, EURAMET welcomed 5 new Technical Committee Chairs who started their term at the 2021 General Assembly.

  • Enver Sadikoğlu is the new chair of the TC 'Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration'. He is taking over from Stephen Robinson (NPL, UK). Read more >>
  • The TC 'Photometry and Radiometry' also has a new chair, Joaquin Campos-Acosta. The predecessor, Stefan Kück (PTB, Germany), held this position in the previous term. Read more >>
  • Joseph Achkar, the new EURAMET TC 'Time and Frequency' chair, has taken over from predecessor Peter Whibberley (NPL, UK). Read more >>
  • Zoltan Zelenka is new chair of EURAMET’s TC 'Mass and Related Quantities'. Previously, this position was held by Fredrik Arrhén (RISE, Sweden). Read more >>
  • Lastly, the TC 'Length' additionally welcomed a new chair, Sten Bergstrand, taking over from Emilio Prieto (CEM, Spain). Read more >>

Thank you to the all the previous chairs who finished their term in June this year, and all the best for everyone in their new roles for the terms ahead!

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