Issue 6 | 18 June 2015

Dear EURAMET Community,

I am happy to present the first issue of our internal news update in the new EURAMET design.

Recipients are the General Assembly, the Technical Committees and Sub-Committees, the EMPIR Committee, the EURAMET MSU and the Secretariat. The content might be partly confidential, so please keep it within our community and do not disseminate it externally. An externally focussed newsletter will be published soon.

This newsletter is your communication channel also. Please enrich it with your ideas, topics and stories. If you have any feedback please contact our Communications Officer Anne Trumpfheller.

This issue is the first issue within my term of office as new Chairperson. I would like to take this opportunity to express EURAMET's sincerest thanks to Kamal Hossain, my predecessor, for his leadership and his commitment.

I am looking forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration with all of you to further develop the Association to serve the needs of our members and stakeholders.

Dr Beat Jeckelmann
EURAMET Chairperson

Highlights from EURAMET's 9th General Assembly 1st to 3rd June 2015

EURAMET congratulates the following re-elected BoD Members and TC-Chairs:Zijad Dzemic (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Jan Petersen (Denmark), Maria Luisa Rastello (Italy) and Jose Angel Robles (Spain) were re-elected as BoD-Members for the period from June 2015 to May 2017.

The following TC-Chairs were re-elected for a second term of office for the period from June 2015 to May 2017: Richard Barham (UK) for TC-AUV, Lena Johansson (UK) for TC-IR and Ramiz Hamid (Turkey) for TC-TF.

At the General Assembly six TC-Chairs concluded their mandate and six new TC-Chairs took over. Detailed information on the new TC-Chairs will be published in our upcoming external newsletter. EURAMET would like to take the opportunity to send its sincerest thanks to the six departing TC-Chairs: Elsa Batista (Portugal), Antti Lassila (Finland), Nieves Medina (Spain), Francois Piquemal (France), Michela Sega (Italy) and Marek Smid (Czech Republic).

Review of EURAMET Byelaws
EURAMET's Byelaws have been reviewed. The revision reflects the necessary development of EURAMET related to the implementation of EMPIR and the establishment of the new position "EURAMET General Secretary".

Strategic Research Agenda for Metrology in Europe
In the last months a group of BoD Members coordinated the development of the Strategic Research Agenda for Metrology in Europe. Valuable input was provided by many stakeholders such as TCs or Task Groups and collected by Martin Rides (NPL) who established a draft document.

The draft version of the Strategic Research Agenda is now open for discussion and feedback by Delegates, TCs and Research Council. Feedback shall be send directly to Martin ( by Monday 29 June 2015. A revised version will be prepared for public consultation in summer 2015.

Review of CIPM-MRA
A working group of the TC for Interdisciplinary Metrology prepared a paper on the review of the CIPM-MRA. The paper was now adopted as a EURAMET position paper to be submitted to the directors meeting at BIPM in October 2015.

Information from 25th BoD Meeting on 12th May 2015

Focus Group on Facilitating National Metrology Infrastructure Development
The status of the Focus Group on Facilitating National Metrology Infrastructure Development was reviewed by the Board of Directors. The BoD acknowledged that the Focus Group is doing an important and necessary job and needs to continue its operation. It was decided that the Focus Group shall continue as a working group under the umbrella of the BoD. The EURAMET Secretariat will be responsible for coordinating the activities of the Focus Group.

Recommendations from Ex-Ante Audit
In response to the recommendations of the positive Ex-Ante Audit in autumn 2014, EURAMET established an action plan and aims to improve several processes within 2015. The plan contains actions such as the preparation of a new Risk Management policy document, the definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for EURAMET, the improvement of the internal audit function or providing a "question and answer" section at the EMPIR Participant Portal.


Stage 2 of Call 2015 will open on the 23rd June 2015
For titles of the Selected Research Topics (SRTs) and for more information please go to the EMPIR website:

EMPIR Call 2016: Energy and Environment
The EMPIR Call for joint research in 2016 will include Metrology for Energy and Metrology for Environment. Stage 1 of this call will open at the beginning of 2016 and stakeholders are encouraged to begin preparations for potential research topics (PRT) submissions. Detailed information will be published on in due course.

Highlights from EMPIR Committee Meeting from the 4th to 5th June 2015

Capacity building activities co-financed under EMPIR
The Researcher Mobility Grants (RMGs), which were implemented under EMRP, will continue within EMPIR. Tanasko Tasic (Capacity Building and Members´ Support Officer) will coordinate the next steps of these grants and to ensure their success the support of the Technical Committees is vital.

During the EMPIR Committee Meeting a suggestion for EURAMET-wide web-meeting facilities was made. Such an infrastructure would make it possible to hold a selection of upcoming meetings within the EURAMET and EMPIR framework via web-meeting tools and video- and telephone conferences. The development of a EURAMET-wide concept of web-meeting tools would be supported by the Committee.

EURAMET relaunched website
EURAMET is excited to announce the relaunch of its newly designed website available on The website has a new and modern design with some added features, while maintaining existing services and content.

The Members Area of the website is the internal communication channel of the organisation and can be accessed via the Login-Button on each page with the known user name and password.

Due to constant updates in the next weeks, it is recommended to flush your browser caches regularly.

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Upcoming Events

Save the date: 10th EURAMET General Assembly
Please save the date for the next EURAMET General Assembly from 23rd to 27th May 2016. The event will take place in Oslo, Norway.

Workshop: New challenges for full integration of DIs within EURAMET
The first EURAMET DI Workshop on "New challenges for full integration of DIs within EURAMET" will take place from 18th to 19th February 2016 in Kopenhagen, Denmark. Further information will follow in due course.