EURAMET Anniversary Year | eNewsletter Issue 10 | 12 September 2017

Visit EURAMET at the International Metrology Congress!

It’s the International Metrology Congress on 19 – 21 September 2017 in Paris (France). In EURAMET's anniversary year the organisation is contributing to the congress in several different ways. For instance, don't miss the talk by Beat Jeckelmann, EURAMET's Chairperson, on 'Joint metrology research in Europe meeting the needs of industry and wider society'. It will take place in the plenary session 'Measure and create the future' on Wednesday 20 September 2017. Learn more about the highlights of CIM 2017 - Measure to Create the Future.

EURAMET is looking forward to having a stand in the Metrology Village. You will find us in the International Pavillon, stand number G40.

Instrumentation developed during joint research projects within EURAMET's European Metrology Research Programmes will be presented at the EURAMET stand. An overview can be found below:

Non-contact air temperature and humidity sensor to be demonstrated at CIM 2017

Non-contact thermometer and hygrometer developed in an EMRP project will be shown at the EURAMET stand at International Metrology Congress. EMRP project 'Metrology for essential climate variables' developed sensitive and fast responding sensors to quantify dynamic changes. Learn more >>

CIM 2017: Novel harmonic current generator for EMC testing

The EURAMET stand will have demonstrations of the harmonic current generator developed in an EMRP project. The project improved the existing test methods, developed new methods and produced reference devices to verify the tests. Learn more >>

New light-detecting instrument on show at CIM 2017

The EURAMET stand will have demonstrations of a room temperature Predictable Quantum Efficient Detector developed in an EMRP project. The project improved understanding of the new type detector, resulting in highest level realisations of the radiometric units. Learn more >>

CIM 2017: Demonstrations of small angle generators

Two novel large-range small-angle generators developed in an EMRP project will be demonstrated on the EURAMET stand. The project developed prototype devices to realise the radian, the SI unit of angle, and ensure reliable angle measurement. Learn more >>

Manufacturing inspection instruments to be demonstrated at CIM

EURAMET stand will show two different inspection instruments developed in an EMPIR project: A nanostructure inspection demonstrator and new areal standard calibration artefacts for measuring surface texture. Learn more >>

Gas reference generators to be demonstrated at CIM 2017

Portable generators for dynamically producing reference gas mixtures of reactive compounds at amounts present in the atmosphere have been developed in an EMRP project.  They will be demonstrated at the EURAMET stand. Learn more >>