EMN Energy Gases | Newsletter Issue 4 | November 2021

Another year of the European Metrology Network for Energy Gases

Since its approval in 2018, EURAMET's European Metrology Network (EMN) for Energy Gases has already made some great strides towards identifying the most pressing measurement challenges facing Europe's energy transition to renewable gases.

Early this year, the network published it's Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) which has been guiding its collaborative metrological research activities. More recently, the EMN launched its new website, welcomed a new member, and at present, is working to contribute to metrology for the on-going European energy transition. 

In fact, the recent UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow (UK) has been perceived as fundamental for discussing how to tackle climate change and securing global net zero emissions by 2050. In support of COP26, IPCC's Sixth Assessment Report stated the need for immediate and prioritised actions to reduce greenhouse emissions and keep temperatures below 1.5 degrees Celsius. Science and measurements have a key role in these actions - providing the vital data and the tools needed for abating climate change.

Annarita Baldan, the EMN Chair, comments:

"The world needs a fast transition to a decarbonised energy system. The EMN for Energy Gases members have joined forces to develop new measurement standards and methods that will facilitate the use of clean energies, such as hydrogen, thereby contributing to the phasing down of coal and fossil fuels, and decreasing emissions."

News from the Energy Gases community

‘DECARB’ EMPIR project seeks input

EMPIR project Metrology for Decarbonising the Gas Grid (20IND10, DECARB) is conducting a survey on Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) process conditions and requirements. The survey aims to:

  • determine the operating ranges for proposed CCS operations;
  • identify the industrial flow metering requirements for CCS; and
  • determine which flow meter types are commercially available or under development for CCS.

Interested? Please kindly complete this short survey no later than 17 December 2021


Image of a Biogas plant

New website launched

The new website serves as an essential platform for promoting the EMN, its members and supporters. As well as information about the network itself, it also provides details of EURAMET-funded research projects related to metrology for the transition to clean energy. 

The website covers several topics; including natural gas, biogas, biomethane, hydrogen, liquefied natural gas and carbon capture usage & storage. 

You can also find the latest news and events related to the EMN.

Thank you to our colleagues at RISE, the Swedish National Metrology Institute, and the EURAMET Communications Team for jointly developing this excellent new resource.

Visit the new website here >>


EMN welcomes its latest member

We are delighted to announce that INRiM is our newest network member. As a public research center and Italy's National Metrology Institute (NMI), INRiM has a long history of working on collaborative research projects and is a very welcome addition to our network. 

Learn more about INRiM on their website here >>


'MetHyInfra' project underway

An exciting new EMPIR project was launched in June of this year.

The project, entitled 'Metrology infrastructure for high-pressure gas and liquified hydrogen flows' (20IND11, MetHyInfra), is targeted at solving the challenges that are currently faced by the Hydrogen industry.



Successful keynote lecture at major event

Annarita Baldan, Chair of the EMN for Energy Gases, gave a keynote lecture at the Congress for International Metrology (CIM 2021) on the importance of reliable measurements in the energy gas transition. Around 1,000 delegates from 45 countries took part. 

See the CIM website for more info >>



European Partnership on Metrology successfully passed Parliament & Council

In mid-November 2021, the European Partnership on Metrology was officially approved. As a key implementation tool of the Commission's Horizon Europe research programme, the partnership will support and speed up the transition towards a green, climate-neutral and digital Europe.

One of the goals of the Metrology Partnership is to establish sustainable European Metrology Networks in highly competitive areas, where the EMN for Energy Gases is certainly excelling in its attempts to address energy gas stakeholder needs. 


Member Spotlight

Two UK members of the EMN for Energy Gases, the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and the National Engineering Laboratory (NEL), are both participating in European collaborative research projects to help deliver the UK's commitments on climate action. The NPL and NEL are partners in projects aimed at decarbonising energy sources and facilitating clean growth.

In terms of energy gases, the NPL and NEL are collectively applying their knowledge to overcome measurement challenges related to the introduction of hydrogen into the gas grid, hydrogen for transport, biofuels, and carbon capture usage & storage (CCUS).

Recently, alongside COP26, the NEL additionally hosted an Open House event at their facilities in East Kilbride, Scotland, to discuss pressing flow measurement issues in clean energy industries. In the session on the energy transition, the European Metrology Network for Energy Gases was presented to the audience by David Learmonth, the network’s Vice-Chair.

Read more about the NEL and NPL's joint efforts to facilitate clean growth >>

EMN for Energy Gases Members and Contacts

An overview of Energy Gases Members and Contact Persons can be found at the network's website >>

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