EMN Energy Gases | Newsletter Issue 3 | 2 March 2021

Rounding up a year of the EMN for Energy Gases

The EU aims to be climate neutral by 2050. 

Recently, the European Commission outlined some its most ambitious objectives to date to transform Europe's energy generation & supply mechanisms. Low carbon fuels like biogases & hydrogen are expected to play a pivotal role in helping to meet these aims, and over the course of the last year, EURAMET's European Metrology Network for Energy Gases (EMN EG) has taken some important, initial steps towards standardising renewable gaseous fuels & supporting the decarbonisation of the European economy. 

Annarita Baldan, the EMN Chair, comments:

"We are witnessing a period of great change. The European Green Deal and related policies are paving the way towards a decarbonised economy and a climate neutral continent. Research and innovation, focussed on creating new and safe key technologies for our energy future, are playing a crucial role and need to be supported by robust and reliable measurement data."

News from the Energy Gases community:


Energy Gases EMN publishes its Strategic Research Agenda

Towards the end of last year, the Energy Gases EMN finalised the first version of its Strategic Research Agenda. This report will serve as an essential reference point to guide the network's current and future research activities.

Stakeholder discussions have shaped the report's findings and helped to priortise energy gas measurement needs, paving the way for the EMN to provide an effective foundation of metrological support for Europe's renewable energy transition. 



EMN Energy Gases helps to identify research needs related to the Green Deal

In January 2021, EURAMET launched its 2021 Call for Needs for topics related to the Green Deal; the EU’s most ambitious set of objectives to date to tackle climate and environmental challenges.

With its expertise in Europe’s gradual decarbonisation to renewable gaseous fuels, the EMN for Energy Gases has helped to identify research needs that must be met to ensure the success of the European Green Deal.



Guidance for humidity measurements of hydrogen vehicle fuel published

Image showing the rear end of a hydrogen fuel cell car

As a promising alternative fuel for transport, hydrogen is being increasingly utilised to power vehicles across Europe. However, due to a lack of standardisation, the hydrogen industry has been struggling to meet the requirements of EU legislation.

To resolve this need, the EMPIR project ‘MetroHyVe’ has been developing best practise guides & methods to improve the accuracy of hydrogen flow metering and humidity monitoring. 



New EMPIR project draws attention from the hydrogen fuel industry

To achieve net-zero transport emissions by 2050, the EU continues to focus on increasing the uptake of hydrogen; a top-contending, alternative clean fuel. However, there are presently no existing standardised measurement methods in place for dispensing hydrogen fuel; a need that EMPIR project ‘MetroHyVe 2’ is working to meet.

Recently, the project held an online event, drawing considerable attention from key stakeholders, including representatives of Hydrogen Europe and major European car manufacturers. 



Image showing a sign for an Electric vehicle and hydrogen refueling station

EMPIR project wins 'Int. knowledge exchange & collaboration award'

Image showing a biogas plant is a field of raper seed

In October 2020, the World Biogas Summit and Expo took place alongside the 2020 Awards Ceremony for the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Biogas Industry.

The EMPIR project ‘Metrology for Biomethane’ won the award for ‘International Knowledge Exchange & Collaboration'. Importantly, this was an opportunity for industry leaders to recognise the project’s excellent collaborative efforts in developing standardised test methods for biomethane fuel.


Upcoming Events

3rd General Meeting of the EMN for Energy Gases - 23 April 2021

At this general meeting, progress on the various activities of the EMN will be discussed. This meeting is open to all EMN members and it is very much hoped that all primary contacts of each institute will be able to join the meeting. An invite to register for the event will be sent out nearer the time.

EMN for Energy Gases Members and Contacts

An overview of Energy Gases Members and Contact Persons can be found at the network's website >>

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