EURAMET eNewsletter | Issue 13 | 18 October 2018

Optical atomic clock used to measure gravitation for the first time

EMRP collaborative project 'International timescales with optical clocks' (SIB55, ITOC) has made significant advances in addressing some of the measurement challenges associated with the possible forthcoming change to redefine the second in terms of an optical transition frequency. read more >>

International standards and the fourth industrial revolution

World Standards Day this week has been dedicated to International Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Many collaborative EURAMET projects provide input to international standards and work to advance technologies contributing to the fourth industrial revolution. read more >>

Electric vehicle research features in Italian television report

The consortium of EMPIR project 'Metrology for inductive charging of electric vehicles' (16ENG08 MICEV) is working to accurately measure the efficiency of inductive power transfer, and provide the means to reliably demonstrate compliance with existing safety standards for human exposure.  read more >>

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