Research Potential Projects

Research Potential Projects (RPOTs) are a Capacity Building instrument. They aim at supporting the participating organisations to further develop basic levels of metrological research expertise in particular measurement areas. Successful participation in RPOT projects will provide input to all aspects of research and are the basis for future participation in Joint Research Projects.

Research Potential Projects will

  • be demand oriented,
  • have an European dimension and critical mass,
  • focus on EURAMET's internal infrastructure and expertise to provide appropriate internal knowledge transfer to emerging members,
  • be based on horizontal collaboration for the development of new metrological infrastructures in a coordinated way ("smart specialisation") and
  • will need to demonstrate significant impact to the entire quality infrastructure.

Research Potential Projects do not need to address fundamental scientific challenges, however, they should include some research and development activities and in this respect they differ from the technical assistance nature of cooperation. An important element of RPOTs is the collaboration of at least two NMIs/DIs that are less experienced in a relevant field with NMIs/DIs with greater experience. Research potentials developed within a RPOT project should have a practical implementation. Capacity building in research can be considered as a second step and goes beyond capacity building in infrastructure development.

Researcher Mobility Grants (RMGs)
The 2021 RMG Call for grants attached to running EMPIR projects will be open from 6 July to 7 September 2021.

Possible hosting projects are projects from EMPIR calls 2018, 2019 and 2020
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