Case Studies

Ensuring biogas quality for gas grids

Biogas production and its upgrade to biomethane have the potential to reduce Europe’s dependency on imported natural gas. In 2017, 65 000 GWh of biogas generated electricity and 18 000 biogas plants contributed to energy supply diversification. Biogases are produced by digesting a variety of industrial waste streams high in org...

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Diversifying Europe's energy supply

LNG is formed when natural gas is cooled to approximately -162 °C, and occupies around 1/600th of the volume of natural gas in its gaseous state. This makes LNG more economical to transport over large distances, and facilitates the supply of natural gas from new sources where no pipeline infrastructure exists. The environmental...

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Future-proofing Europe’s gas networks

Gas pipeline networks are highly complex transmission and distribution systems used to move gas across states, countries or even continents. It is important that gas quality is maintained throughout the network and remains within the requirements set by international natural gas quality guidelines. The presence of water in ene...

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