Please find below selected joint research projects from EURAMET's European Metrology Research Programmes (EMRP and EMPIR) that are related to Smart Electricity Grids:

Current projects

Grid measurements of 2 kHz - 150 kHz harmonics to support normative emission limits for mass-market electrical goods


Electrical products can emit electromagnetic interference, that risks causing malfunctions in connected products, interference with powerline communic...

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Support for standardisation of high voltage testing with composite and combined wave shapes


High voltage AC or DC networks are being introduced which transmit electricity more efficiently. Lightning strikes or the sudden removal of high power...

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Quantum traceability for AC power standards


The power industry is transitioning to renewable sources of energy, which tend to be locally distributed. To avoid instability, poor power quality and...

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Measurement methods and test procedures for assessing accuracy of instrument transformers for power quality measurements


Renewable electricity can cause grid-injected disturbances, damaging power quality (PQ). PQ represents the grids ability to supply constant, stable po...

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Completed projects

Metrology for Smart Electrical Grids


This EMRP project made significant advances in creating a metrology infrastructure for monitoring stability and quality of supply of smart electrical ...

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Metrology for High Voltage Direct Current


High voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission systems are a key tool in extending the capacity of electricity grids and integrating sustainable ener...

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Measurement tools for Smart Grid stability and quality

SmartGrid II

To help meet European emission reduction goals, vastly increased renewable power generation capacity will be needed, necessitating considerable change...

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Techniques for ultra-high voltage and very fast transients


This project supports the standardisation of ultra-high voltage measurement techniques, focussing on the needs of three different industrial sectors. ...

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