Please find below selected joint research projects from EURAMET's European Metrology Research Projects (EMRP and EMPIR) that are related to Smart Electricity Grids:

Current projects

Metrology for emerging PV applications


Photovoltaic (PV) energy generation has an important role in realising EU targets for reduced greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of generation capac...

Support for a European Metrology Network on smart electricity grids


Smarter grids will enable integration of renewable energy sources and electric vehicles into Europe’s electricity distribution networks. Such ‘smart’ ...

Wind turbines in the ocean

Metrology for enhanced reliability and efficiency of wind energy systems


Europe’s measurement capabilities will need to continue to develop to support delivery of enhanced efficiencies and reliabilities of wind energy syste...

Metrology for future energy transmission


Electricity travels over transmission networks as alternating current (AC) at high voltages to help minimise energy losses, currently equivalent to 15...

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Completed projects

Metrology for Smart Electrical Grids


This EMRP project made significant advances in creating a metrology infrastructure for monitoring stability and quality of supply of smart electrical ...

Metrology for new electrical measurement quantities in high-frequency circuits


From laptops and smartphones to security scanning and medical diagnostics, many devices now require radio-frequency (RF) electronic circuits to operat...

Measurement tools for Smart Grid stability and quality

SmartGrid II

To help meet European emission reduction goals, vastly increased renewable power generation capacity will be needed, necessitating considerable change...

Non-conventional voltage and current sensors for future power grids


Integrating power from renewable energy sources into existing distribution grids will become an essential requirement for reducing CO2 emissions. Howe...