The European Metrology Network (EMN) for Smart Electricy Grids is a single point of contact across Europe that provides stakeholders support for measurement challenges in the realisation of smart electricity grids.

Building a low-carbon, climate resilent future will require secure, clean and efficient energy. The transition towards a more sustainable energy supply has a profound...

News & Events

Successful EMPIR workshop on measurement methods for electrical interference

Workshop presentations are now available

Workshops on Europe’s digital measurement evolution held in September 2021

EURAMET and partners held a successful series of events on ‘digital transformation challenges’ in Septemb...

Two workshops on grid metrology for efficient electricity grids

2021-06-16 to 2021-06-17


EMN Smart Electricity Grids Annual General Meeting 2021

2021-05-31 to 2021-06-03


  • Revenue Metering
  • Power Quality
  • Grid Monitoring
  • Digital Substations
  • Instrument Transformers and Sensors
  • HVT
  • Efficiency
  • DC Grids


Metrology for Smart Electrical Grids


This EMRP project made significant advances in creating a metrology infrastructure for monitoring stability and quality of supply of smart electrical grids in order to support the effective development and im...

Metrology for High Voltage Direct Current


High voltage direct current (HVDC) tra...

Measurement tools for Smart Grid stability and quality

SmartGrid II

To help meet European emission reducti...