European Metrology Network for Radiation Protection engages with stakeholders

<p>The network is engaging stakeholders to determine metrology needs in the field of radiation protection</p>

The network is engaging stakeholders to determine metrology needs in the field of radiation protection


The European Metrology Network for Radiation Protection has been established to support regulation and tackle the metrological problems facing the field of radiation protection.

Everyone is exposed to some level of background radiation due to the environment, but millions of people are exposed to additional ionising radiation in the workplace. This includes in fields such as medical imaging, nuclear energy and manufacturing. As these fields develop, and as changes in living conditions increase exposure to environmental sources such as radon gas, robust regulations and monitoring techniques are required to reduce unnecessary radiation exposure.

EMN RP aims to be a central point of contact and provide a harmonised, sustainable and smartly specialised metrological infrastructure for radiation protection. It is working to establish coordination and cooperation between research bodies with expertise in the field and to tackle those problems faced by stakeholders.


Stakeholder committee
As part of the network's 2022 Annual General Meeting, held in Lisbon, Portugal, an agreement was made to invite representatives from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), BIPM Consultative Committee for Ionizing Radiation (CCIR), EURAMET Technical Committee for Ionising Radiation (TC-IM) and International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) to become key stakeholders of EMN Radiation Protection. They have been invited to form the core group of the stakeholder committee and will help to channel the communication of the EMN towards its stakeholders.


Stakeholder survey
The EMN has conducted a survey to understand stakeholders’ basic needs around education and training. Knowledge transfer and capacity building in radiation protection, including training opportunities, support for regulatory compliance and interlaboratory comparisons, are vital for ensuring safe environments for citizens to live and work, and to enable compliance with national and European regulations.

The EMN’s focus is on metrology in this area, e.g., traceable measurements of radiation and dose that underpin radiation protection regulations.

A draft knowledge transfer and capacity building programme has been prepared by the EMN and with support of the as part of the '19NET03 supportBSS' project. Stakeholders are invited to review and provide feedback to the EMN Radiation Protection.


Brainstorming workshop
In October 2022, EURAMET and the EMN Radiation Protection hosted ‘Support for technological trends: EURAMET’s Work Programme on Metrology for Industry’, an online event for stakeholders. In this brainstorming workshop, different radiation protection experts took exchanged ideas and possible solutions for unsolved radiation protection challenges in the fields of:

  • Radon measurements
  • The future of neutron dosimetry
  • Flash therapy
  • The implementation of new operational quantities
  • Metrology of pulsed fields
  • Occupational radiation safety
  • Dose estimation and the measurement capabilities at nuclear power plants


EMN Radiation Protection has expressed its interest to include more company representatives into the formed subgroups to contribute to the respective topic. Small and medium size enterprises are especially welcome.

The agenda and presentation files are available on the EURAMET website.


Other interactions
Interactions with further European Partnerships and other relevant entities are foreseen, with some already started. A recent example is the online consultation 'EMN for Radiation Protection: PIANOFORTE Needs and Information Sharing'.
Representatives of interested partnerships and organisations are welcome to contact the EMN Radiation Protection directly to start collaboration.


The European Metrology Network for Radiation Protection is supported by the Joint Network Project ‘Support for a European Metrology network on reliable radiation protection regulation’ (19NET03).


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