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Markus Bär (PTB) elected as first Chair of EMN for Mathematics and Statistics

At its first general meeting, the European Metrology Network (EMN) for Mathematics and Statistics (MATHMET) elected Markus Bär (PTB) as its first ever Chair and Nicolas Fischer as Vice-Chair (LNE). 

On 19 June at PTB in Berlin, thirteen scientists from all over Europe came to Physikalisch Technische Bundesanstalt to launch the new network, and also selected Sebastian Heidenreich (PTB) as its Secretary.  

The network is an alliance of mathematical and statistical experts that will support new developments and challenges in metrology. The main objective of the network is to assist in areas of major strategic importance covering societal challenges relating to energy and sustainability, climate and environmental monitoring, life sciences and health, and advanced manufacturing by use of mathematics, statistics and simulations.

Increasingly, solutions to such challenges will depend on measurements such as imaging, spectroscopy, earth observation and sensor networks as well as data analytics, and by applying mathematical specialisms such as machine learning, real-time simulations, multi-scale modelling, forecasting and artificial intelligence.

Accepting his election, Markus stated:

“We are witnessing a transition towards a digital society in which algorithms and mathematics will play an even greater role in metrology.  The new challenges can only be overcome through a concentration of capabilities and expertise. For me, it is a great honour to actively participate in this development by coordinating the MATHMET EMN and by working together with colleagues and institutes across Europe.” 

EURAMET congratulates Markus, Nicolas and Sebastian for their elections and wishes them all the best in their new roles.

The next steps will involve engagement with stakeholders, and preparation of interviews and questionnaires as part of the development of a coordinated research plan.

EMN MATHMET is also organising an international conference on Mathematics and Statistics in Metrology, also named “MATHMET”, that will be of unique interest to stakeholders and scientists that benefit from the expertise or software tools on  mathematical modeling, uncertainty evaluation or statistics in metrology. This will take place on 20-22 November in Lisbon, Portugal. Please follow the link to our MATHMET event homepage:  

For more information about the EMN for Mathematics and Statistics, please contact Sebastian Heidenreich or subscribe to the MATHMET newsletter.

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