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EMNs and TCs help identify research needs related to the European Green Deal

EURAMET Technical Committees and European Metrology Networks support the Call by including needs of their stakeholders

EURAMET Technical Committees and European Metrology Networks support the Call by including needs of their stakeholders

In December 2019, the EU launched its European Green Deal to outline its highest-priority objectives for tackling climate and environmental challenges. The Green Deal encompasses goals such as supplying clean and secure energy, and mobilising industry for a clean and circular economy. To meet these aims, there is a need for a strong foundation of metrology support; an interdisciplinary methodology that has always played a fundamental role in the European quality infrastructure.

In January 2021, EURAMET announced the opening of its 2021 Call for Needs for topics related to the Green Deal, launched under the European Commission’s potential European Partnership on Metrology. EURAMET has consulted several European Metrology Networks (EMNs) and Technical Committes (TCs) for needs related to the EU Green Deal including EMNs for Climate and Ocean Observation and Smart Electricity Grids and TCs for Thermometry and Iionising Radiation.

One of the networks contributing has been EURAMET’s European Metrology Network for Energy Gases (EMN EG). It is focusing on the measurement challenges facing Europe’s gradual decarbonisation of energy gases and its transition to renewable gaseous fuels. In the publication of its recent Strategic Research Agenda, the network has identified current and future trends, and prioritised several key measurement challenges and needs that cover a wide spectrum of energy gases - from natural gas, hydrogen and biogas, to carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS).

Specifically, EURAMET is calling for potential research topics that address key challenges associated with the Green Deal including the EU’s climate ambition for 2030 and 2050, clean and affordable energy, preserving and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity, and environmentally-friendly food systems. These topic areas are fundamental to the success of the European Green Deal. Through on-going dialogue with stakeholders to highlight the most pressing issues still facing the European energy transition, the EMN is working to ensure that EURAMET’s research activities remain firmly aligned with the Green Deal.

Stage 1 of the Call closed on 22 February 2021. Information on the Call can be found on the Participant Portal >>

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